Wednesday, July 13, 2011

S is also for Slugfest OR Bitch Fight: Ripley vs Queen Alien

What do you do when you have both the 1992 Kenner ALIENS Space Marine Power Loader (posted earlier HERE) and the 1994 released Kenner ALIENS Queen Hive playset (posted HERE)? Answer: Bitch Fight (as opposed to Dog Fight, since the two parties involved are B!+¢#es ;p)!

This is Kenner Queen Hive playset placed side by side with the Kenner Power Loader in a duel off. This never actually happened in the film. Ripley confronted the Queen Alien first in the hive and then again on the Sulaco where Ripley arms herself with the Power Loader for an almost evenly contested fight.

Click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

The Queen can be removed from the playset for a stand-off with Ripley in the Power Loader but I just prefer the whole setting. Although Hot Toys produced and released a 1:6 scale Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) 12-inch female figure with a most impressive 1:6 scale Power Loader collectible - see my earlier post HERE - no one (i.e. toy maufacturer or statue maker) has yet to release a 1:6 scale Queen Alien. That would be quite massive.

Click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

I also included the 1992 released Kenner "Space Marine Bishop Android" 3.75" action figure into the playset. None of the Space Marine toys Kenner produced looked anything like the Colonial Marines seen in the film.

Click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

More close-ups of the Queen Alien with her four arms and two legs

What's a queen without her crown? The queen's head is larger than other adult Aliens and is protected by a large, flat crest, like a crown, and they vary from queen-to-queen. Unlike other Aliens, the queen also has high heel protrusions from its feet. The "high-heel" protrusions were removed in the climax of the 2004 film "Alien vs. Predator".

Here's a shot of the Kenner Space Marine Bishop about a blow the alien hatchling's head off as it emerges out from the egg.

The Kenner 1992 "Space Marine Bishop Android" 3.75-inch action figure comes with a Gatling gun with rotating barrels which rotate when a knob at the back is turned. The gun also cranks out the ammo belt of bullets. Bishop the Synthetic Human can also come apart at the chest. Both sides of him including his arms can be removed to show damage.

In the 1986 film "ALIENS", the human android is played by Lance Henriksen who gets speared from behind by a huge stinger, and ripped in half at the waist by the Queen. In the picture below, look at what Kenner did to Lance Henriksen's picture in order to make the Space Marine figure resemble him as a toy action figure in some way - that's hilarious :) LOL.

A little trivia: In the 2004 movie "Alien vs. Predator" (also known as AVP), the film follows a team of archaeologists assembled by billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland for an expedition near the Antarctic to investigate a mysterious heat signal and discovers a pyramid below the surface of a whaling station. That's where they encounter both species of aliens. Lance Henriksen plays billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland.

According to director Paul W S Anderson, Weyland becomes known for the discovery of the pyramid, and as a result the Weyland-Yutani Corporation models the Bishop android in the Alien films after him; "when the Bishop android is created in 150 years time, it's created with the face of the creator". It's just like saying that in the near future, we will all be greeted by Bill Gates when we switch on our PCs or Steve Jobs when we start up the Mac. That's creepy.

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