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P is also for Power Loader

The original 1979 "Alien" film introduced one of the most memorable modern 'monsters', and was a science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. The 1986 sequel, "Aliens", introduced a team of worthy adversaries, the Colonial Marines, who joined Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and brought the fight to the xenomorphs. In the end, Ripley finds herself the sole defender against the alien menace, and their immense Queen. To combat the Queen Alien, Ripley stepped into a Power Loader, a mobile man-shaped forklift. This machine provided Ripley with the extra armor and strength necessary to force the Queen into the ship's airlock, and it was sucked out into space.

This is the 1992 Kenner "Aliens" Ripley action figure operating the Kenner Power Loader, also released in 1992. At that time, there were no other "Aliens" figures available and after watching the cocky over-confident Colonial Marines get kicked in the posterior by the xenomorphs / aliens in the first battle before they started hitting back with Ripley taking charge, the Power Loader was a "must-have" for me :)

The Kenner ALIENS Space Marine Power Loader came in a box which included "Alienator" missiles and grabbing claws (Figures sold separately). The back of the box says the Kenner Power Loader has two "hydraulic" grabbing claws and "one automatic release Alienator missile".

Some assembly is required and once assembled, the parts cannot be dismantled or taken apart without breaking something. The Kenner "Aliens" Power Loader doesn't exactly look like the movie version but it's close enough as a toy in 1992. The legs appear fused and joined together as a single unit with tracks like a bulldozer whereas the actual Powered Work Loader had articulated legs.

For additional play value, Kenner added the missile launcher to their Power Loader. When not deployed for use, the launcher is stored at the back and is brought forward / overhead when needed to engage the threat / enemy. The black button on top of the missile launcher is the launch switch.

The two push buttons on either side of the Kenner "Aliens" Space Marine Power Loader activate the claws to open. Releasing the button closes the claws for grabbing action.

Kenner also added two guns at the sides of the grabber arms / claws for additional "fire power". In the picture below, the launcher is also seen readied for engaging the enemy threat. The next picture shows the launcher stored in the upright position.

The roll cage can be lifted up to place the action figure (not included) and pulled down to provide protection for the head and torso. Power up and system diagnostics are supposedly handled by a punch keypad built into the operator's hand-grips, including the movement of the arms.

The 1992 Kenner "Aliens" Ripley action figure (called "Space Marine Lt. Ripley" on the card / pack) comes with "Real Turbo Torch" action. Ripley has a working action with her flamethrower (not shown). You can place the weapon into her hands, and a lower part into her hip pocket. When you twist her at the waist, the flamethrower's "flames" extend outwards. The figure doesn't look much like Sigourney Weaver. Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley character was one of the first female movie characters to ever take the lead role in an action movie, let alone in the science fiction genre, and remains Weaver's most famous role to date.

For a closer representation of the real deal, nothing beats the Hot Toys 1:6 scale "ALIENS" Power Loader collectible, produced as a fully pose-able model kit and released in 2007. The Power Loader is large enough to fit a 12-inch figure inside, true to 1:6 scale, and includes an electronic light-up working warning signal light. The highly detailed, highly-articulated model measures almost 20 inches tall (50 cm), 12 inches across (30 cm) and 10 inches deep (25 cm).

The Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader has been selected by the US Colonial Marines as their prime loader vehicle for logistic and support operations. Configured as an anthropomorphic exoskeleton power frame, the P-5000 offers unprecedented flexibility when handling ordinance and cargo during rough field operations or when conducting heavy maintenance away from fixed workshops. Capable of fine manipulating loads up to 4000 kg, the P-5000 is a rugged and reliable alternative to conventional forklifts, rigs and cranes.

The Hot Toys Power Loader collectible came with the more accurate 1:6 scale Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) 12-inch female figure. In the movie, she first impresses the Marines by offering to help them load their drop ship and displaying her expertise with the large Power Loader. She later impresses the Queen Alien too when Ripley steps inside the exoskeleton-like machine and makes herself an even match for the giant Queen. "Get away from her, you *bitch!*"

The Power Loader is a mechanized exoskeleton used for lifting and moving heavy objects such as crates and vehicles weaponry. Power loaders are equipped with hydraulic claws similar to those used on forklifts, one joint of the each claw is placed under the package while the other joint of both claws clamps down on top of the package so it remains secure.

There's also the Kubrick version of the Power Loader.

Click on the picture for a larger view :)

You can view more pictures of the Kubrick "ALIENS" set HERE

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Dan said...

Thats funny that you posted, I almost bought one of those this week. Great toy!

alex teo said...

Yes Dan, great toy :) this one's with me since 1995 and it's still good!

alex teo said...

From my friend Ted Menten:

I remember when the first ALIEN film hit the big screen in NYC and audiences ran screaming from the theater. LOL.

The Power Loader was certainly a wonderful weapon in Ripley's hands. And the Loader has certainly inspired other sci-fi films like AVATAR.

As I recall, Hasbro produced a really odd exclusive for Kay-Bee that consisted of an Alien creature and a 12-inch Marine. The creature looked completely out of scale and the Marine was a recycled GI JOE from the period. But ALIENS fans scooped them up. LOL.

Speaking of characters in robotic suits did you ever see the great one-sixth Z.M.D.C. figures from Sea International. For the time they were highly detailed and had great sculpts and detailing. There was a camo version and a white "winter" alternate. Nice figure with dozens of pieces of robotic armor including boots that had an "elevator" feature. The figures were a huge hit at Toy Fair that season.

If you have not seen them I'll see if I have any photos in my archives.


alex teo said...


ALIEN was scary; ALIENS was great - I liked the whole concept of Man vs Aliens, more so than Aliens vs Predators.

Speaking of Avatar, I got the AMP too even though it wasn't 1/6 scale :) I'm quite a sucker for these things - check out my posts ( and

I actually bought the Hasbro Kay-Bee Alien vs CPL Hicks boxed set too because that was the only 12" Colonial Marine available then. Pales in comparison with the Hot Toys' version (

I've posted about the ZMDC (Zero Metal Defence Capsule) figures in my earlier posts -
There's also Moon Girl Urika Gagarin


desmond said...

Bro, you have lots of power loader..I only have the Aoishima version power loader..

alex teo said...

haha desmond, only these 3 :) the kenner one was bought long before Hot Toys version which i promptly got when it was released. kubrick version was just too cute to resist. i stopped after that & that's why i didn't get the Aoishima 1/12 scale power loader - looks nice.