Monday, November 14, 2011

Incoming: Art Figures 1/6 Delta Force - SFC 12-inch Figure

There have been so many Black Hawk Down 12-inch figures lately including the ones I already have that I have a label just for them on my TOY HAVEN blog. Dragon released at least FOUR 1/6 scale Black Hawk Down figures, two when the movie was released in 2001 and two more in 2003 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Task Force Ranger's engagement at the Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia from 3rd to 4th October 1993. That was followed by Playhouse D-Boy and most recently, VTS released their 75th Ranger Chalk Leader and also gave us a preview of their 75th Ranger Grenadier, Operation Gothic Serpent SOMALIA 1993.

Now we are getting PREVIEW pictures of Art Figures 1/6 scale Delta Force - SFC 12-inch Figure which is essentially a Delta Force operator in 1993 Somalia when the Black Hawk helicopter was shot down. The 2001 film "Black Hawk Down" is about how 123 elite U.S. soldiers (comprising United States Army Rangers, Delta Force, and 160th SOAR) are deployed in Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle with a large force of heavily-armed Somalis when their Black Hawk helicopter gets shot down.

In "Black Hawk Down", William Fichtner stars as SFC Jeff Sanderson (which is based on real Delta Force operator SFC Paul Howe). Art Figures 1:6 scale Delta Force - SFC 12-inch Figure is based on William Fichtner as SFC Jeff Sanderson, hence the 1:6 scale likeness / resemblance in the head sculpt.

Art Figures af006 1/6 scale Delta Force - SFC 12-inch Figure (as stated on their website) will come with Authentic likeness head sculpt of William Fichtner as SFC Jeff Sanderson, 12-inch figure body, GSG-9, OD G.I. T-shirt, Desert battle dress uniform with 3-color desert camouflage, US flag patch, Omega EOD vest, military kettle / bag, PT body armour, Omega holster 1911 pistol, OTTO earphone, ALTA knee pads, Nomex flight gloves, Grenade pouch x 2 / grenades x 4, RO727 light / reflex sight, M16 magazine x 8, Remington m870 shotgun, Shotgun shells x 3, Pro-tec helmet, Esspro goggles, Motorola interphone

Going by the other 12-inch figures I've gotten from Art Figures so far, I'll say this set looks pretty darn good ;)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing a Gary Gordon.

One Shot said...

I like it, I think this movie had a few nice figures made from various companies but this might be one of the nicer ones once you get it all set up.

ethan said...

Sometimes to have a figure that truly resemble a person (even though it's an actor) that was killed in a real event, real battle...kind of eerie, don't you think?

ultravinz said...

DAM Toy will also be releasing their own DELTA FORCE TEAM LEADER-TASK FORCE RANGER-1993 SOMALIA soon~

alex teo said...

thanks for the link ultravinz :) will look out for it CHEERS