Friday, November 25, 2011

Pre-order Hot Toys Artist Collection 1:6 scale Samurai Predator

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the first entry in Hot Toys' Artist Collection, the Samurai Predator Collectible figure. A collaboration project with artists Mr. Takayuki Takeya and Mr. Yuji Oniki from Japan, the Samurai Predator features a newly sculpted head and body, detailed accessories, weaponry, and a diorama base with a defeated Alien body.

The Samurai Predator Sixth Scale Figure features: Original Samurai Warrior design, Realistic sixth scale measuring approximately 14 inches (35 cm) tall, Over 22 points of articulation, Newly sculpted head and body, Interchangeable open and closed mandibles, Movable jaw, Fabric net on left chest, Fabric skirt, Two (2) pieces of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair of open palms and One (1) pair of holding palms, One (1) articulated left shoulder canon, One (1) broken sword with Alien cells, One (1) sword with sheath, Four (4) attached swords at the back, One (1) helmet, One (1) additional mouth mask, One (1) neck armor, One (1) set of shoulder armor, One (1) left chest armor, One (1) pair of forearm gauntlets with movable hooks on right side, Waist and thigh armor, One (1) set of leg armor, Extendable Alien tongue trophies on waist, One (1) dead Alien head accessory, One (1) diorama base featuring defeated Alien body and broken sword piece

Hot Toys had given us a sneak peek of this 1:6 scale Samurai Predator figure when they were participating in all the toy fairs this year, including the 2011 Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC 2011) - you can see the pictures HERE in my earlier post :)

At that point in time, everyone thought that this Hot Toys Samurai Predator figure was a once-off creation designed and manufactured as a diorama piece because of the complex and highly detailed diorama base (NOT included with this box set) and seemingly fixed pose of the Samurai Predator even though you can see the articulated joints.

It's a pretty awesome figure but it also comes with a pretty HIGH asking price: USD359.99, most likely because Hot Toys has to pay the artists Mr Takayuki Takeya and Mr Yuji Oniki from Japan for the copyright to use their designs since this is NOT a movie masterpiece series figure (not movie-related) but artist inspired collection piece.

Scroll down to see more pictures of this Hot Toys' Artist Collection, the Samurai Predator Collectible figure.

Estimated Ship Date: 2nd Qtr 2012

You can pre-order this Hot Toys Artist Collection 1:6 scale Samurai Predator HERE


Amazing Toy Figures said...

The Hot Toys Samurai Predator looks like an interesting piece... I like how the mandibles protrude out from his mask and looks like a part of the mask... Thats A very Interesting design. Also, it's really a surprise for me too that this is articulated, from the previous pics and the word diorama I have always thought the Samurai Predator was going to be a statue.. I wonder whether Hot Toys would come up with any interesting back story for this figure... A samurai predator fighting for certain warlords but who was not interested in fame or money, only interested in the opportunity to find a real worthy opponent maybe...

Kenny said...

Super cool piece man, but the price... omg.

alex teo said...

YUP, only the hard core predator collector who has had every kind of HT predator that has already been released will go for this ;p just glad I'm not a Predator collector so I can sit this one out :)