Thursday, January 17, 2013

Preview Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale Nave SEAIS team VI 12" Sean Connery figure from The Rock

The Rock is a 1996 action film that primarily takes place on Alcatraz Island and in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was directed by Michael Bay, director of Bad Boys, and stars Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. It was produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, the producers of Top Gun and Crimson Tide. The film is dedicated to Simpson, who died five months before its release. This was the first film on which Cage and Bruckheimer worked together. Produced at a budget of US$75,000,000, the movie was a smash hit, grossing a total of $134,069,511 domestically and $200,993,110 internationally, for a worldwide total of $335,062,621. Of the year 1996, it was the 7th highest home-grossing film in the U.S., and the 4th highest U.S. film worldwide. [source: wiki]

In the film, Sean Connery is Captain John Patrick Mason, SAS (retired). Funny that Connery's character's name is Mason in a film called "The Rock". Nicolas Cage plays Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, FBI Special Agent. Goodspeed's job is to diffuse the stolen VX gas-armed pockets as fast as possible before the rogue US Force Recon Marines can launch them against the population of San Francisco. I always like how the names of the characters are hints to what they do and how they contribute to the film in some way or another ;p

This is Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale NAVE SEAIS TEAM VI or US Navy SEAL Team VI 12-inch figure most likely inspired by Sean Connery's portrayal of SAS Captain John Patrick Mason in the 1996 film "The Rock". John Mason wasn't really a SEAL team member. He was a former MI6 Agent and SAS Captain who has been illegally detained for decades by the FBI. Again the reference to the former MI6 Agent is all too obvious since Sean Connery was the first to play MI6 Agent 007 James Bond in Dr NO.

Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale NAVE SEAIS TEAM VI 12-inch figure will come with an Authentic likeness head sculpt, 12-inch figure body, black T-shirt, combat uniform, Omega EOD vest, white underpants, magazine pouch, general utility pouch, Omega pistol holster, black balaclava / mask, tactical gloves, XM177 rifle with magazine x 7, Tactical Weapon light, M9 pistol with surefire tactical light & magazine x 2, MP5 Submachine gun with magazine x 3, Gerber BMF tactical knife / Knife sheath, Combat boots

Years ago in 2010, Loading Toys had released a SEAL Team uniform boxed set which is quite similar to this upcoming release but was very basic in terms of gear. You can check out my toy blog post HERE for the review and pictures

I had used the earlier released Loading Toys SEAL Team set to kitbash a 1:6 scale Sean Connery as John Mason from The Rock - lots of pictures HERE

Before that, I already had kitbashed another Sean Connery John Mason 12-inch figure 10 years earlier using a different head sculpt that was available at that time. You can see the comparison pictures in my post HERE titled "Between a rock and a hard place".

I also have another entry I called "No Country for Old Men" where I blogged about all the 12-inch figures with 1/6 scale Sean Connery head sculpts which I have in my collection. Check out the figures HERE. There were altogether seven different Sean Connery head sculpts I had at that time.

This particular Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale NAVE SEAIS TEAM VI or US Navy SEAL Team VI figure looks really good and I have a feeling that it will be added to the 12-inch figure collection as well

With Art Figures price point and quality, it shouldn't be too difficult a decision to make since I already own some of the other Art Figures released products and I have been quite pleased with them all so this will be a welcome addition.

It looks like Art Figures might be releasing a 1/6 scale Nicolas Cage as Dr. Stanley Goodspeed 12-inch figure as well

Sean Connery only wore the hood / balaclava for a very short time (if the movie producers paid for him to be in the show, they certainly don't want his face covered up for the entire movie. Unless you are playing Judge Dredd, then it's best to keep the helmet on all the way) but it's nice that Art Figures has decided to include it as well

Scroll down to see more close-up pictures of the 1/6 scale weapons and accessories / gear that will come with this Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale Nave SEAIS team VI 12-inch Sean Connery figure's release. You can click on the pictures to get a bigger and better view

Check out the 1:6 scale XM177 rifle with Tactical Weapon light as well as the Keckler and Koch H&K MP5 Submachine gun

M9 pistol with surefire tactical light

Gerber BMF tactical knife and Knife sheath

Omega EOD vest with additional pouches and drop-down thigh holster

Combat boots

Art Figures AF011 1/6 scale Nave SEAIS team VI 12-inch Sean Connery as John Mason figure shown with all his 1/6 scale gear and accessories plus weapons laid out.


Unknown said...

Nice figure indeed, and the price is really good, I have seen pre-order for 105 USA dolars, which is very nice.

Though I think doing a custom stills a good idea, for me this figures carries too many accesories. In the other hand now with this figure, trying to custom one might be even more expensive than buying this.

thx Alex,

alex teo said...

You are most welcome Jako :) totally agree with you about the price point and many accessories. I think it's well worth it too, especially with that amazing Sean Connery head sculpt and resemblance.

humanbeingill said...

Easy to kitbash, but unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

I want one. Where can i buy it here in Singapore?

alex teo said...

You can pre-order at The Falcon's Hangar -

This figure is not released yet and pre-ordering assures you of the product when it comes because if you don't pre-order, you might not get one when demand exceeds supply ;p

Shiro said...

It's about time i form my own MIB RAH Team, first i got Lee Christmas, now I am getting Capt. J.P Mason. I missed AF's Saves (War Zone Punisher). Anyone here who's releasing the AF War Zone Punsiher? Surely, these guys/figs will find a place on my home as i will pit them against the Predators.