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Evolution of Wolverine: Every Costume Logan's ever worn in almost 40 years (1974 – 2013)

The Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is coming out and it has been almost 40 years since Wolverine first appeared in the Marvel comics. has produced this visual guide to the evolution of Wolverine's celebrated costume! I love infographics and even more so when it's about something I can relate to. Halloween Costumes had previously produced a Hall of Armor: The Evolution of Iron Man Info-graphic which I had posted on my toy blog HERE

So this is just a nice continuation of the same subject / topic. Click on the pictures below for a bigger and better view :)

This guy has answered to many names over the years, so it is only fitting that he has a similarly high number of costume incarnations, right? (Seriously though: Weapon X, Patch, James Howlett, Logan, Death...the list goes on!) 'Marvel' at the style journey of this infamous member of the X-Men as it moves from whiskered, to fanged, to spandex, to leather, to no shirt at all! (Bad boys don't have time for shirts.) Scroll down to see all the different costumes.

1974 - Original Yellow designed by John Romita Sr
1975 - Classic Yellow by Dave Cockrum
1977 - Fang by Dave Cockrum
1980 - Brown by John Bryne
1988 - Black by John Buscema
1991 - Blue & Gold by Jim Lee

1992 - Classic Yellow II
1994 - Bone Claws
1996 - Noseless

1996 - Noseless II
2000 - Movie (Civilian)
2000 - Movie costume (black with yellow highlights)

2000 - X-Men Evolution costume of Orange and Black
2001 - Ultimate X-Men Wolverine
2001 - New Black leather costume

2002 - Evolution II costume
2003 - Ultimate II costume
2004 - Astonishing X-Men Wolverine costume

2008 - X-Force Wolverine black stealth costume
2009 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2013 - The Wolverine

The Wolverine costume with the longest run of 127 months is the Brown costume from 1980 followed by Astonishing Wolverine costume (by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday) at 108 months. Classic Yellow II is third with 103 months and Classic Yellow in fourth place with 63 months.

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humanbeingill said...

Defintely missed at least one variation, the black and red look from the future when Cyclops blasted one of his hands off, which was replaced with Adamantium nub.