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Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action

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This is the Round 2 Captain Action Iron Man Basic Outfit Set so that fans and collectors can outfit their Captain Action figure with this all new classic Iron Man costume set, based on the 60's and 70's version of Tony Stark's Armored Avenger. This Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action includes a mask, boots, gloves, chest plate, belt and energy pods. Fabric elements complete Iron Man's classic look.

And the new basic version still includes the Assemble-An-Avenger promotional pieces - Hawkeye's wrist bands and arm bands! Long-time fans will remember Hawkeye first appeared as an Iron Man villain.

This is how I remember Iron Man :) Not the souped up Marvel Studios version made for the movies with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark which has been GREAT and have converted many people into Iron Man fans but this classic red and yellow look was what I grew up with, back when Iron Man was mostly confined to the comic books and where I spent most of my leisure time. Before Iron Man ever made it onto the big screen, this was the Iron Man I was most familiar with and could vouch for. There weren't that many versions of armor suits because back then, the maxim was "why fix something that wasn't broken?" Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures of this Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action.

The box packaging is similar to Wolverine's (see previous post) with a window display that shows off the armor suit, mask, gloves and boots. On the back of the box is a short description: Captain Action is the original superhero action figure and the master of disguise. With a change into custom armor, Captain Action becomes the Iron Man!

Inventor, businessman, superhero! Billionaire genius Tony Stark saved his own life by designing a life-sustaining hi-tech armor that transformed him into the Iron Man! Constantly improving his various armor to combat new adversaries, Tony Stark demonstrates that he is the penultimate man of science and technology. This 1/6 scale armor and costume set transforms Captain Action into one of the founding members of the Avengers, the invincible Iron Man!

The Captain Action 1/6 scale costume set for Iron Man includes: cloth Iron Man costume, Iron Man helmet and face plate, front and back armor, boots, belt (with energy pods), gloves and bonus Hawkeye arm and wrist bands.

The Round 2 Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action comes with two gloved "armor" hands (gauntlets), with the left hand set to fire his repulsor rays. The repulsors originated as a hand attachment, but have since become the armor's most important standard armament. They have been referred to as being magnetic, a blast of charged particles, and as a force beam.

In the 2008 "Iron Man" movie, the repulsors are a form of propulsion and (as hand units) steering jet, though they can be used offensively.

Besides the cloth Iron Man costume, this Captain Action Iron Man costume set also comes with Iron Man helmet and face plate (made of hard plastic), front and back armor (made of hard plastic). The gauntlets, boots and belt with energy pods are made of rubber.

This classic red and gold (yellow) armor suit was the armor of the 1970s and considered to be the Iron Man Armor MK V. The armor used solar power and integrated micro-circuitry. Repulsors were standard weaponry.

This is how the Round 2 Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action would look if placed in a standing pose. Because the left gloved hand (gauntlet) is set to fire the repulsor rays, Iron Man looks a little odd when posed in a standing position.

Overall, I really like this Captain Action 1/6 scale Iron Man costume set (all for just US$19.99). It's a throw back to the 1970s and brings back lots of memories of vintage Iron Man, a time when comics were a great getaway and stories were less complex with no crossovers, one of many gimmicks thought up later to drum up sales.

You can order the Round 2 Marvel Comics Iron Man 1/6 scale Uniform / Superhero Costume and Equipment set for Captain Action from the following sites:
Big Bad Toy Store can be found HERE
Cotswold Collectibles Captain Action page HERE
Midtown Comics - check out their site HERE

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Thanks for the reviews. What body you've used? I would buy a suit of iron man but I have no body and Spain captain action with shipping get very expensive. Greetings from Madrid.

alex teo said...

HT regular body should work but not the advanced muscular type as the chest armor is quite tight. Also u need to find a smaller head to fit inside the helmet. I actually used an older figure for the Iron Man suit because older figures are slightly smaller in size than Hot Toys TrueType bodies.