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Easy & Simple 1/6 scale Zombie Survivor set (Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane in WorldWarZ) Review2

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In the first part review of this Easy & Simple (E&S) 1/6th scale Zombie Survivor set for 12-inch figures posted on my toy blog HERE, I covered the box and its contents plus putting on the full attire with the figure (inspired by Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane character in the 2013 American disaster zombie film "World War Z") brandishing the Glock 17 pistol.

Here he's seen enjoying a can of Coke (not included with the set) after a hard day's work trying to find a way to stop a zombie pandemic. The 1:6 scale coke can was from a set I got some time back (see my post HERE). Recently ZCWO also released a set with miniature drinks as part of the Mens Hommes Vol.003 (Boxing Legend) - see my review HERE. All these are great for 1/6th scale kitbashing :)

So back to this figure. Besides the Glock 17 shown in the previous post, E&S Zombie Survivor also comes with a revolver, an axe, bolt cutter and crowbar, all items deemed necessary to survive a zombie pandemic. Not to mention a magazine and some tape for protection - all in the first-part review HERE.

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Easy & Simple (E&S) 1/6th scale Zombie Survivor set for 12-inch figure features: Real Life Like Head Sculpt, Neck Connector, Scarf, Shirt, Combat Pants, Detachable Knee pads, Belt, Tactical Boots, Courier Bag, Fire Ax, Crow Bar, Bolt Cutter, Revolver, G-17 Pistol, Fore Arm Protection (Magazine & Tape)

Zombies can be a scary thing so it's good that they are fictional undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. George A. Romero's reinvention of the monster for his 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead" led to several zombie films in the 1980s and a resurgence of popularity in the 2000s. The "zombie apocalypse" concept, in which the civilized world is brought low by a global zombie infestation, became a staple of modern popular art.

The turn of the millennium coincided with a decade of box-office successes in which the zombie sub-genre experienced a resurgence: the Resident Evil movies (2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012); the Dawn of the Dead remake (2004), the British films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later (2002, 2007) and the comedy / homage Shaun of the Dead (2004).

Generally the zombies in these situations are the slow, lumbering and unintelligent kind first made popular in Night of the Living Dead. Motion pictures created within the 2000s, however, like the Dawn of the Dead remake, and House of the Dead, have featured zombies that are more agile, vicious, intelligent, and stronger than the traditional zombie. Some are not cannibals craving "brains", but instead behave as "vectors" in spreading the infection to the non-infected, (as in Helix and World War Z). In many cases, these fast-moving zombies are depicted as living humans infected with a mutagenic or mind-altering pathogen (as in 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and Left 4 Dead) as a result of an pandemic or biological agent.

Check out the close-up pictures of this Easy & Simple (E&S) 1/6th scale Zombie Survivor set on a 12-inch figure body (body NOT included with set)

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