Friday, January 23, 2015

Incoming: Medicom Toys Real Action Heroes RAH 701 1/6th Batman (The New 52 Version)

In September 2011, DC Comics' entire line of superhero books, including its Batman franchise, was canceled and relaunched with new #1 issues as part of The New 52 reboot. Bruce Wayne is the only character to be identified as Batman and will be featured in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight. Dick Grayson returns to the mantle of Nightwing and appears in his own ongoing series. While many characters have their histories significantly altered to attract newer, younger readers, Batman's history remains mostly intact.

In the wake of the New 52, Batman wears another version of the Batsuit. It is designed by artist Jim Lee. This Batsuit appears using various elements from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy. Just as in The Dark Knight, it is made of hardened kevlar plates on titanium-dipped tri-weave fibers and is broken into multiple pieces of armor over a more flexible bodysuit for greater mobility. The gloves are made of a dense but malleable leather with ribbing on fingers (palm side), raised piping and convex metal knuckles (topside). Mesh detail appears just beneath the palm and inside the three recessed louver-like shapes located on both topside. The blades on the sides of Batman's gauntlets are now retractable and are capable of firing outwards as projectiles. The utility belt is now a convex metal ampules form, its buckle is made of beveled metal platelets. The back of the belt has an intricate containment device and can be detached to be used as a tool. Batman also adapts a para-cape that aerodynamically support himself for gliding.

This is the upcoming Medicom Toys Real Action Heroes RAH 701 1/6 scale Batman (The New 52 Version) figure. Medicom Toys has already released their Real Action Heroes (RAH) 1/6th scale Hush Batman and Joker 12-inch Figures (see the preview pictures HERE) and this looks like another version of Batman they are producing. I had recently gotten the All-New DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo Batman action figure (see my toy blog post HERE) and until I see a better interpretation of Batman, that will do for me.

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Kaido said...

Alex, I got the Medicom The Dark Knight Returns figure from Medicom recently and I was pretty happy with it. I'm still on the fence about this New 52 Batman figure, but may consider it if it's a slow month. There's a New 52 Superman as well.