Friday, July 31, 2015

Coming soon: Super-Flexible 1/6th scale Male 12-inch Seamless Body from Phicen Limited

Boasting human-like skin texture, and being super flexible, posable and durable, Phicen female seamless bodies have enjoyed tremendous popularity ever since the debut. Have you ever expected a male equivalent? For one and a half years, our best sculptors, engineers, material experts have focused on such a project. With great efforts: experimenting time and again, overcoming one problem after another, we have finally made it! Here, with pride, dear client, we present you Phicen’s first Male Seamless Body in Stainless Steel Skeleton, PL2015-M30. Standing about 29cm, strong, athletic, muscular, and with athletic build.

The internal skeleton armature is made from durable stainless steel to withstand playability without being easily damaged or corrupted. Each armature have 28 points of articulation, using ball-jointed system, for maximum flexibility and movement. Each joint is designed to move freely and consistently with 90% accurate human movement. With the slightest effort, the bodies are capable of making countless dynamic poses to imitate any posture of any character.

The steel metal armature is wrapped with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly medical-grade material specially developed for Phicen bodies. The material features durable, anti-cracking qualities that are easy to clean, but not easy to stain or dye. In addition, the skin texture is designed to deliver a tactile experience of real skin.

While built for playability, this Phicen seamless figure body is NOT a toy - it is a sophisticated 1:6 scale model designed to realistically simulate the real human form using superior materials and quality execution. Anatomically correct though, it’s not designed to be a sex toy. Whether you are a fan of character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply enjoying figure collecting - you will appreciate Phicen’s first Male Seamless Body in Stainless Steel Skeleton, PL2015-M30.

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HeDoN666 said...

Sex toy?! Methinks anyone using 1:6 scale figures as sex toys are going to extremely disappointed, or have very low standards...

alex teo said...


Anonymous said...

"not a sex toy" who writes these things?

Anonymous said...

Why is the crotch area censored? He doesn't have anything there.

alex teo said...

Quite sure he's going to be anatomically correct. I always wondered why these companies even bothered sculpting the genitals since the figures will always be clothed and the particular region will always be covered up. The original G.I. Joe figure didn't need genitals. Hot Toys don't put genitals on their 12-inch figures and they are the market leader so why do these other companies think that their figures should have genitals since they have no use for it.

Then a dear friend told me of a lecture by Margaret Meade who was famous for her work in Africa. She informed the audience that she had to add genitals to the male dolls so that the African children would not think white people were sexless. And that was back in 1950 - LOL

tofanpw said...

The placement for male genitals are usually too high for these body(world box) making it look weird, a simple bulge would have sufficed.

Tom said...

Hi Alex,

could you check information if the figure going to be like presented - pale, no painting at all? or is it going to be painted skin-like, with coloured eyes, hair etc. ? Do you think it's going to be better than Worldbox's narrow shoulder body IYHO? thanks

best regards from Poland

alex teo said...

Hi Tom
I believe these are prototype pictures and the finished product will be fully painted. I've ordered mine and will confirm when it arrives. Cheers