Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review III: Square Enix Play Arts Kai DC Variant 1/7th scale Hawkman 11.6" Collectible Figure

continued from previous post...

This will be my last post on Hawkman for now ;p the wings are so majestic and imposing that I took quite a number of pictures and I had to spread them over two posts. I'm really impressed with this Square Enix Play Arts Kai DC Variant 1/7th scale Hawkman 11.6-inch tall Collectible Figure, especially with the wings opened and in flight mode. I've already covered the box packaging and contents and wings folded on the figure as well as his accessories and weapons earlier on my toy blog HERE.

The wings are made up of three separate sections and each section has it's own articulation and can be manipulated individually which allows for more dynamic poses and flexibility.

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Kaido said...

Nice review and pictures, Alex! Makes me want to get one, but then I would have to track down the entire line of DC PAK, haha!

alex teo said...

Thanks Kaido, I didn't go down that route. I liked this Hawkman a lot more than the other DC figures which I didn't collect ;p