Friday, July 10, 2015

Pre-order this Sentinel RE:EDIT Iron Man #05 Hulkbuster 25cm tall action figure from BBTS

Preorder Sen-Ti-Nel RE:EDIT Iron Man #05 Hulkbuster from BigBadToyStore (BBTS) HERE

The 5th installment in the Sentinel RE:EDIT IRON MAN series is Hulkbuster, the anti-Hulk armor, with design arrange and supervision by Chemical Attack.

The overwhelming mechanism which interlinks the retraction gimmick for the head armor, opening and closing gimmick for the chest hatch, and the LED lights throughout its body, is engineered by T-REX. Also with the upper torso of the Bleeding Edge armor inside, complete with light-up gimmicks for its eyes and Arc Reactor, the Hulkbuster armor is a truly massive item you wouldn’t want to miss out.

The metallic color for the whole body is beautifully painted. By using different tones of colors for each segment, more detail and lively look has been added to the large sized parts. Numerous different shades of metallic are used for the paint finish to delicately accentuate the details throughout its body. Not only the design elements from the original comics, such as the distinctive metallic red and gold color scheme and massive upper torso are faithfully followed, but also new design arrange are added, such as detail that resembles multiple layers of armor on the chest to give it a more convincing look as an “Add-On Armor”.

Preorder Sen-Ti-Nel RE:EDIT Iron Man #05 Hulkbuster from BigBadToyStore (BBTS) HERE

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The Arc Reactor for the eyes and chest lights up in pale blue! 

Open the hatch and you’ll find the Bleeding Edge armor inside. Unfortunately, the Bleeding Edge armor cannot be removed from the Hulkbuster, but as you can see, it has it own light-up gimmick and also the head is articulated with a ball joint.

The repulsor unit in the back also lights up! The clear part used here is yellow for a diverse image compared to the front side!

The arms and fists are more massive in volume compared to the original comics design, emphasizing the characteristics of this powerful heavy duty armor designed to go against the HULK.

Regardless of its top-heavy style, not only it boasts a wide range of articulation and numerous interlinked gimmicks, it also has sufficient durability due to usage of die-cast parts on the soles, chest hatch, and inner frame.

Included along with the Hall of Armor display base used throughout the RE:EDIT series, is a large-sized display base especially designed for the Hulkbuster to display it in various poses to increase its play value.

Set Contents: Hulkbuster figure, Hall of Armor (Base, Metal prop, Hall of Armor parts), Display stand, test batteries (LR41 button cell).

Preorder Sen-Ti-Nel RE:EDIT Iron Man #05 Hulkbuster from BigBadToyStore (BBTS) HERE

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