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Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure Review II

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Here are more pictures and action figure reviews of the Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure. With so many nifty and interesting accessories included with this boxed figure set (see the part one action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE), I just had to create some simple scenes and take pictures. It was FUN :)

The earlier post showed Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) without his glasses on so in this second-part review, I wanted to show pictures of the Virtual Toys Weapon Advisor 12-inch figure wearing the 1/6th scale gold frame glasses he comes with, as well as pictures of him holding the silver fountain pen and clipboard with paper.

Morgan Freeman is such a fine actor. Besides having received Academy Award nominations for his performances in Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus, and won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby, he has also won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Freeman has appeared in many other box office hits, including Unforgiven, Glory, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Seven, Deep Impact, The Sum of All Fears, Bruce Almighty, Along Came a Spider, The Dark Knight Trilogy, March of the Penguins, The Lego Movie, and Lucy. He is known for his distinctively smooth, deep voice.

And that's a great thing about this figure. It's so generic that he can be some of the characters he has played in his acting career and not necessarily just be Lucius Fox, the supplier of Batman's arsenal although that is the intent of this figure released by Virtual Toys, the movie arm of Dam Toys which deals more with 12-inch military figures and stuff.

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Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor 12-inch figure features: 1/6th scale Head sculpt (Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox), 12-inch action figure Body, Blue shirt, sweater, Blue suit, Brown coat, Beige slacks, Bow Tie, Brown belt, Brown scarf, Brown boots, Six hands, Glasses, Silver Pen, Clipboard with Paper, Newspaper, Map, The BAT blueprint, Military computer. NOTE: The table and chair is not included with the set.

Check out the close-up pictures taken of the Virtual Toys Weapon Advisor 1/6th scale head sculpt, a stunning realization of actor Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in 1:6 scale with an amazingly accurate likeness, including life-like paint application and skin color. You could almost be forgiven for thinking these are pictures taken of the actor himself posing for the camera.

NEXT: Pictures of this Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor wearing the brown coat and scarf.

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