Saturday, November 7, 2015

VTS Toys (VM-013) 1/6th scale New Epoch Cop aka Judge Cassandra Anderson 12-inch figure

Judge Cassandra Anderson is a fictional law enforcer and psychic appearing in the British science fiction comics 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. Created by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland, Anderson made her debut as a supporting character in the Judge Dredd story 'Judge Death' (2000AD #150, February 1980). The character's popularity with readers led to her starring in her own series, Anderson: Psi-Division, which (since 1988) has been written almost exclusively by Alan Grant, often working with artist Arthur Ranson. Brian Bolland based the character on Debbie Harry, "having recently drawn the singer into an advertisement for Forbidden Planet."

Actress Olivia Thirlby portrays Anderson in the 2012 film Dredd, as a Cadet Judge assigned to Dredd for her final assessment. In this film there is no Psi-Division, and Anderson is the only judge with psychic powers.

VTS Toys (VM-013) 1/6th scale New Epoch Cop 12-inch figure will come with real like head sculpt, female action figure body, two pairs of hands, one pair of tactical gloved hands. Her costume consists of: helmet, black tactical body armor, black leather jacket, a pair of elbow pads, belt, black leather pants, a pair of kneepads and combat boots. Weapons include: MP5 SMG with magazine, Pistol with magazines x 2 + 1, grenade. Accessories: flashbang grenade with flashbang grenade pouch, drop leg pistol holster, pistol mag pouch x 2, medical aid bag, tri-fold restraints / plasti-cuffs, black GP pouch, “o” hanging buckle, black figure stand.

This isn't the first female Judge 12-inch figure to be released. There was the ACE Girls Mission 1:6 scale Judge Hershey Female Figure released back in 2010. Check out the action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE :)

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Kaltier said...

Everything is boss except for the headsculpt . Doesnt look like olivia. Been waiting for this fig to be made. Hope they will tweek the HS. Thks for the constant updates alex.

alex teo said...

You are most welcome, Kaltier

I think I'll be keeping mine with the helmet on ;p

One Shot said...

She looks good for me. I don't know how real you need her to look, but I can see the likeness. She won't have a helmet in my display case...she didn't wear oil in the movie. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

hi, It is the same figure as this?

alex teo said...

Not the same. That's by another company called Art Figures. As you can see, this VTS version looks way better. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any news about this figure if it is canceled? Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.^^

alex teo said...

From what I was told, there has been a delay but this figure is not cancelled although when it will be released is still unclear. Cheers

Anonymous said...

VTS Toys really let me down with the Final Head Sculpt and Outfit. Pre-Ordered 2 Units and now really10x devastated with the Actual Product Head Sculpt which make Art Figures way2x better than this one, cannot believe that VTS Toys will degrading down like this. I will cancel the PO Furiosa.

wuming said...

You must be crazy to say VTS HS is worst than AF.... If you don't want to buy then just keep quiet. No need to come in here try to bring VTS down so that it justify for you to cancel....