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Hot Toys MMS308 1/6th scale Ant-Man 12-inch Collectible Figure Review 1 - Truly a Masterpiece

“Scott, I need you to be the Ant-Man.”

Ant-Man is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, Ant-Man's first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #27 (January 1962). The persona was originally the superhero alias of the brilliant scientist Hank Pym after inventing a substance that allowed him to change size; however, Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady have also taken on the Ant-Man mantle.

In the 2015 American superhero film "Ant-Man", Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, a former systems engineer at VistaCorp and petty criminal who acquires a suit that allows him to shrink in size but increase in strength as the Ant-Man with the help of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, entomologist, and physicist, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas).

This is part of my haul for May 2016 (see the toy blog post HERE): The Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS308 1/6th scale Ant-Man Collectible Figure. The movie-accurate Ant-Man Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the film and features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt with an authentic likeness of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. When closed, the helmet features LED light-up eyes (battery operated). The Ant-Man also includes a specially tailored Ant-Man suit worn over an approximately 12-inch / 30 cm tall fully articulated TrueType body, an Ant-Man miniature figure, detailed accessories and a specially designed figure stand.

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I quite like the box design. I like the graphics and the play on shadows. It reminds me of the end credits for Captain America: The Winter Soldier which I thought was very well executed. The slip-case cover slides off to reveal a window box with the Ant-Man 12-inch Collectible Figure in its storage tray with his 1/6th scale accessories stored at the sides.

Here's a better look at the figure and accessories in the tray

The Hot Toys Ant-Man Instruction Sheet tells you where the battery compartment is located on the figure (hidden on top of his head under the helmet which is quite tricky to remove because you don't want to damage the delicate top part of Ant-Man's helmet). It also cautions you to be careful when turning the head as there is a limit to how far the helmeted head can turn. Instructions on masking and unmasking Ant-Man is also included.

There are also instructions as to how you equip the belt and limitations of movement to the limbs. So although the base figure is vey articulated, the tight costume / outfit restricts Ant-Man's movements a great deal. Hot Toys also cautions you against removing any part of the outfit and armor parts from the figure as it could cause irreparable damage.

There are a total of eight pieces of interchangeable gloved palms included (the ones on the figure are the relaxed gloved hands). Also included as accessories: Specially-designed figure stand with Ant-Man nameplate and the movie logo, batteries (3 pcs) for the helmet, miniature Ant-Man (approximately 2.8cm tall), two bombs, two discs, four chemical tubes.

Check out miniature Ant-Man (approximately 2.8cm tall)

The four chemical tubes / vials are supposed to fit neatly in the compartments on his belt. These are the Pym Particle vials - red is for shrinking and blue is for returning back to normal. The discs are used to enlarge and shrink objects when they (discs) are thrown at them (object).

Hot Toys MMS308 1/6th scale Ant-Man 12-inch Collectible Figure comes with a really amazing highly detailed movie-accurate helmet. It is stunning to look at in hand and quite a marvellous piece of engineering to get it done so nicely in 1:6 scale. I really doubt there is anything else out there that can match the intricate design that went into making the helmet.

Ant-man's costume / outfit consists of a black and red Ant-Man suit with embossed patterns, silver colored trims, with weathering effects plus a silver colored Ant-Man particle belt and pair of black boots. Although the suit restricts the articulation and pose-ability of the figure a fair bit, it is excellent in its stitching and details. The tight fit does enhance the overall look of the figure. So even though the figure is not really pose-able, I still like it for its authenticity as well as the overall look and feel. Top marks for getting it so close to the actual 1:1 scale suit with all the glorious details and fantastic reproduction in 1:6 scale. Check out the turnaround views below :)

Of all the Marvel superheroes we have seen on the big screen thus far, I think Ant-Man's helmet is the most complicated and intricate in design by far compared to all the rest. So to see the helmet replicated in such detail in this scale and at this size is just mind blowing! Hot Toys has truly done a top notch job and hats off to them for getting it right on the money. Scroll down to see the close-up pictures and marvel at Hot Toys' stunning attention to details.

Shown below is a picture taken of the helmet with the LED lights turned on. The lights are meant to illuminate the lens of the helmet but they are not as bright as they should be and it does not have the impact it's supposed to.

The lights come on at the front of the helmet where his forehead is and is then deflected to the lens. Because of this indirect path taken, the lights are not as bright as I would have liked them and the end result is a very subtle effect instead of an impressive one. But I still love the helmet anyway because it is just that good!

NEXT: THe man behind the mask / helmet. Just how good and realistic is the 1:6 scale head sculpt of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang from Hot Toys MMS308 Ant-Man 12-inch Collectible Figure

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