Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WATAA! Watch out for Phicen PL2016-M32 1/6th scale Super Flexible Asian Male Seamless Body

This will be Phicen Limited's third 1:6 scale seamless male figure body with stainless steel skeleton. It’s the PL2016-M32 and it will be of a new build, based on the generic physique of Asian men, slim with very tight muscles. Boasting human-like skin texture, and being super flexible, posable and durable.

The previously released version 1 which is the PL2015-M30 is of muscular build, has enjoyed great popularity since it’s debut. You can check out the action figure review and pictures posted on my toy blog HERE. PL2016-M31 which will be of regular build and taller than PL2015-M30, stands approximately 31cm. You can check out the preview pictures HERE.

This latest version of an Asian Male Seamless Body will also NOT include a head sculpt (same as the previous two releases) but the shorts is included. That's because we Asians are rather modest and would like to keep our privates to ourselves LOL

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