Friday, June 3, 2016

BOM Toys 1:6 scale Zombie Police Officer 12" Figure is going to be part of the walking dead

For those of us who have been slogging all week waiting for the weekend to come, this figure represents what we must feel like - a walking zombie! Didn't know zombies have police officers to watch over them. Aren't the walking dead exempt from any law enforcement? LOL In all seriousness, if there is a zombie apocalypse, no one will be spared, whether or not he is a officer of the law... unless he's Judge Dredd. Then the zombies better watch out!

BOM Toys 1:6 scale Zombie Police Officer 12-inch Figure Features: Head Sculpt, Narrow Shoulder Body, Bendable Hands, T-Shirt, Police Uniform, Uniform Pants, Uniform Cap, Badge, Tie, Police Belt, Boots, Radio, Radio Pouch, Pistol, Holster, Pistol Magazine & Pouch x 2, Key & Holder, Handcuffs Pouch, Pens & Holder, Plastic Handcuffs x 4, Watch, Dead Body Bag

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