Saturday, June 18, 2016

COREPLAY 1:6 scale Female Fitness Body: another alternative option for kitbashing females

It's always good to have more options when kitbashing 1:6 scale stuff. Kitbashing or model bashing is a practice whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of commercial kits. These pieces may be added to a custom project or to another kit. For the hobbyist, kitbashing saves time that would be spent scratch building an entire model. Hobbyists may kitbash to create a model of a subject (real or imaginary) for which there is not a commercial kit. To see the 1:6 scale stuff needed for kitbashing OR just some of my stash, check out my toy blog post HERE.

Kitbashing is different from figure collecting because the latter just means you simply go out and buy a 12-inch figure and add it to your collection. Most of us collect figures but not all of us kitbash. When you want a particular figure in your collection but one is not made available to you by any of the manufacturers, then you have to find other ways to get the figure you want and sometimes, that involves kitbashing :) For example, no one released a 1:6 scale Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb 12-inch figure from INCEPTION but the head sculpt was made available so I managed to bash not one but two Dom Cobb 12-inch figures - see my posts HERE and HERE.

It used to be that males collect action figures and females collect dolls in general. But when a female features in an action movie (e.g. Princess Leia in Star Wars, Selene in Underworld, Alice in Resident Evil, Black Widow in the Marvel films), does that make the female figure a doll or an action figure? When I started collecting 12-inch figures, I stayed away from dolls but that line has now become very thin and separating the two is rather tricky.

Here's the latest offering of a 1/6th scale female figure for kitbashing by Coreplay. It's called the Fitness Body and two colors will be made available: Light Version and Dark Version. The upcoming Product will consist of: Articulated Female Fitness body, Female head sculpt, Hand set (4 pairs), Arch heel feet, Flat Feet, Bodysuit. As can be seen through the body suit, the female body is the fully jointed type and not a seamless body.

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