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Hot Toys 1:6 scale Collectible Iron Man Armor Suit Comparisons: Mark I, III, IV, XLV, WM & IP

continued from previous toy blog post (action figure review IV)...

I've always wanted to do this - line up all the Hot Toys 1:6 scale collectible Iron Man Armor Suits and post a picture showing how each suit compares with another in terms of size and height. Getting the latest Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Diecast MMS300-D11 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark XLV 33cm Tall Collectible Figure finally gave me the opportunity to take the shot. The full line-up picture is posted at the end of this blog post. Just scroll down to the end to see the pic :)

In the group picture featuring six of Hot Toys Iron Man collectible figures (six is all I can afford), Ive placed the Iron Man Mark I whose height is approximately 30.5cm front and center, followed by Mark III (height: 31cm) and Mark IV (height: 32cm) in the second throw with the remaining three at the back. Mark XLV is 33cm, War Machine is 32.5cm and Iron Patriot is 32cm tall. In the pictures that follow after these group shots, I have taken each of Tony Stark's armor suits and placed them side-by-side with the latest Mark XLV for size and height comparisons.

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Hot Toys MMS80 Iron Man Mark 1 (original version) 30.5cm tall figure next to the 33 cm tall die-cast Mark XLV. Action Figure review of this Hot Toys Mark 1 Iron Man figure is posted on my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE. The Mark I is the only 1:6 scale Iron Man figure with a full 12-inch figure of Tony Stark inside. The rest of the Iron Man figures are just armor bodies with the added option of sticking a 1:6 scale Tony Stark head sculpt where the helmet is. So how come Tony Stark got taller as the Iron Man armor suits evolve? Did he take some enlargement pills or do something with his body? Hmmm...

Hot Toys 31cm tall MMS075 Mark III from the first Iron Man movie next to the 33cm tall die-cast Mark XLV. Compared to the die-cast Mark XLV on the right, Mark III looks rather plasticky and toy-like. Goes to show how much the standards have improved over the years.

Hot Toys 32cm tall MMS123 Iron Man Mark IV standing beside the 33 cm tall die-cast Mark XLV.

Hot Toys MMS121 32.5cm tall War Machine from the second Iron Man film next to the 33 cm tall die-cast Mark XLV. I still like this War Machine because he looked like a bulked up and really pumped Iron Man, more tank like than flying machine.

Hot Toys MMS195-D01 "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Patriot 32cm tall Collectible Action Figure stands next to MMS300-D11 "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark XLV 33cm Tall Collectible Figure

The picture below is a line-up of all the six Hot Toys Iron Man collectible figures covered in this toy blog post. You can see the height difference from Mark I all the way to Mark XLV. Click on the pic for a much bigger and better view. This free weblog publishing tool from Google only works best with Portrait-oriented pictures which is usually ideal since 12-inch figures are more tall than wide but in this instance, the actual image has been reduced to a tiny thumbnail when it's actually quite big :)

Click on pic for a bigger and better view :)
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