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Review IV: Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron 1/6th Iron Man Mark XLV 33cm figure & base

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This recently released (part of my June 2016 toy haul posted HERE) Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series Diecast MMS300-D11 Movie Masterpiece Series Die-cast "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark XLV 33cm Tall Collectible Figure is pretty awesome! For the price we paid, it has to be. I already covered the box packaging and contents HERE, followed by the cool LED light-up features HERE, and other cool accessories HERE; so now it's all about the base!

This movie-accurate Hot Toys Iron Man Mark XLV Collectible Figure is highly detailed and sophisticatedly crafted based on the image of the armor in the Marvel Studios "Avengers: Age of Ultron" film featuring a meticulously sculpted armored body, specially applied metallic red, gold and silver colored paint with weathered effects, LED light-up Arc Reactor with hexagonal-shaped indent on chest, and a specially designed diorama base with a detachable damaged Ultron Sentry (Prime)!

The 1/6th scale damaged Ultron Sentry (Prime) is separate from the base so that you can pose him anywhere you like. The specially designed diorama figure base is extremely sturdy and heavy as it has to be able to take the weight of the die-cast Mark XLV Iron Man figure without it toppling over, even when the figure is positioned with the flexible rod for more dynamic poses. It also comes with the regular upright rod for standing poses.


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You can see more close-up pictures of the Hot Toys 1:6 scale damaged Ultron Sentry (Prime) in my toy blog post HERE. Its head can also be removed.

Here's the figure standing on the base with the rod removed. These diorama figure bases give the displayed figure an added touch as opposed to just a plain looking figure stand. The Hot Toys MMS90 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6th scale 14-inch Predator from the first Predator movie also comes with a jungle themed display base that has a puddle of "water" in the centre plus a bloody skull with backbone vertebrae. You can check out the pictures HERE.


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