Tuesday, September 5, 2017

CooModel Series of Empires 1/6th scale William Adams AKA Miura Anjin 12" Collectible Figure

William Adams (24 September 1564 – 16 May 1620), known in Japanese as Miura Anjin (三浦按針: "the pilot of Miura") was an English navigator who, in 1600, was the first of his nation to reach Japan during a five-ship expedition for the Dutch East India Company. Of the few survivors of the only ship that reached Japan, Adams and his second mate Jan Joosten were not allowed to leave the country while Jacob Quaeckernaeck and Melchior van Santvoort were to bring messages back to the Netherlands inviting them to trade. Adams and Joosten settled there and became two of the first ever (and two of the very few) Western samurai. He is now famous as the prototype of the hero of James Clavell's quasi-historical novel Shogun.

CooModel SE016 1/6th scale Series of Empires William Adams AKA Miura Anjin Collectible Figure is inspired on the legendary WHITE SAMURAI, WILLIAM ADAMS, A.K.A MIURA ANJIN. They have combined this character with HONDA TADAKATSU’s famous black gusoku, to show an armored heroic posture. The gusoku is about 60% made of alloy and the armor pieces are folded by knots. Some spear and blade parts are made of alloy. The stand is made of solid wood

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The 1/6th William Adams AKA Miura Anjin Collectible Figure specially features: realistic head sculpt of William Adams, action body, Eight (6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms

Costume: white jubbah (underwear), blue-gray kosode (coat), black kakuobi (waist band), blue-gray hakama (trousers), gray tabi (socks) with waraji (sandals), black kabuto (helmet) of buckhorns and lion face shape, black neck armor, suit of black gusoku (armor), black double-layered kote (vambraces), black haidate (cuishes), black suneate (jambeaus), black seno (armor tie), black scarf

Weapons: Tonbakiri (Honda Tadakatsu’s spear), katana (long sword), black and red katana scabbard, wakizashi (short sword), black and red wakizashi scabbard

Accessories: wood magatama (beads), round based figure stand, armor stand, armor box, spear stand, katana stand, black war flag with three-leaf clover heraldry, flag stand, display stage, backdrop

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