Saturday, September 9, 2017

TBLeague 1/6th Scale Coco Austin as Cleo: Goddess of Seduction Action Figure (Deluxe)

Many times things which look possible in 2D (comic books) do not translate well into 3D.

CLEO made her debut in BeyondComics.TV ‘s comic book; GEKIDO#1 at Comic Con, and was featured on countless TV shows with creator Graig Weich.

BeyondComics.TV with TBLeague is proud to bring you the very 1st ever licensed 1/6th scale Cleo 12-inch action figure doll, utilizing cutting-edge, seamless synthetic-skin technology with a steel skeletal inner-frame allowing for 28 points of posable articulation!

TBLeague 1/6th Scale Coco Austin as Cleo: Goddess of Seduction Action Figure aka The REAL Cleopatra (Super Deluxe Set) features: head sculpt (with synthetic hair) with comic book style-version of Coco as Cleo, TBLeague female seamless body with stainless steel armature (Posable body with 28 points of articulation) and with removable feet, 3 pairs x interchangeable hand, one-piece armored bra and cloth lingerie-style costume, 2 x ornamental sleeves, shoes, cloth cape, jeweled belt, armored neck collar, crown, 2 x snake-shaped arm bands (for upper arms), 2 sets x arm bracelets for lower arms (8 pcs / set, two sets in two bags), 6 x leg bracelets for ankles, scepter, 2 x Egyptian dogs, throne chair, cushion for throne chair, comic book: GEKIDO#1 (Cover: B) Full color, 44 pages - Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors series)

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