Saturday, April 26, 2008

RoboCop 3 (1993) by Hot Toys 2007

Robert John Burke took over from Peter Weller who was tired of reprising his role due to how cumbersome and exhausting it was to wear the suit. The film was also the less gritty as they were targeting a PG-13 rating, unlike the first two films which had been rated R. Hence the profanity, graphic violence, mature sexual content, and references to illicit drugs and prostitution all had to be reduced or taken out altogether. All these led to a loss in appeal for this last film. I don't think Frank Miller is proud of his work on this one. Thank goodness there's Sin City, with Sin City 2 and The Spirit coming out soon.

In 2007, Hot Toys released RoboCop 3 with the Flight Pack that was one of the saving grace of the film. Hot Toys obviously listened to fans coz after releasing RoboCop (link here) and the exclusive Sideshow limited Robocop 3 figure with the unique interchangeable gun arm, this flight pack version would be the ultimate RoboCop. For those who bought the first RoboCop and Sideshow's version, it was like "WTF??"

Not to worry. Both RoboCop and RoboCop 3 have different paint schemes (subtle but it's there coz it's apparently different in the films as well). Sorry for those stuck with Sideshow's version though - too bad! As with their first RoboCop, this came with a slipcase as well and due to the special metallic card stock they used to print the images, it's quite a challenge to have a good picture taken.

Actual box/packaging of RoboCop 3 with Flight Pack showing actual photo of the product - nice!

The interchangeable gun arm that was the Sideshow exclusive is also included

Flap opens to reveal RoboCop wearing his flight pack and the tray with all the parts, as the product description says, "Poseable model kit"

The tray where all the parts fit. This is as far as it goes for now, folks. Will post complete pictures when i've settled down in the new place. Packing for the move is gonna be quite a challenge!

But this i gotta post - the removable helmet!! RoboCop 3 (this version) features the removable helmet that we all want to see.

First, the jaw portion comes off, revealing his chin.

Now the visor comes off, revealing the full face

uh, me thinks better to put the helmet back on - ha! ha!

Another portion at the back can also be removed

RoboCop's head with all parts removed. Some collectors have lamented that this removable helmet version shows too much of his face i.e. you can see his nose which is not completely covered by the visor. This is because Hot Toys did not make a bigger visor but used the same mould from RoboCop version 1 but in version 1, the helmet is not removable so it sits tightly and nicely on his head. To make the visor/helmet removable, some gap has to be created and this has actually compromised the look. All the product shots have him looking down - Hot Toys obviously knew about this boo-boo.

This RoboCop version 1 helmet/head looks much better but the removable helmet's quite cool too.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 12-inch RoboCop 3 with Flight Pack - full review here


Dash MacBastard said...

A couple years ago, AVATAR Comics released a limited Robocop series written by Frank Miller that was supposedly based on his original versions for Robocop 2 and 3. It's a much grittier story- with the aforementioned violence, drug use, and sexual references left standing. It was a much more complimentary story to the original film.
Oh- and keep that figure's helmet on! Without it, he looks like the unmasked "Master Blaster" from MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME.

alex teo said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm a fan of Frank Miller's work but didn't follow his RoboCop stories though. Yeah, I intend to keep the helmet on. It's just nice to know it can come off like in the movies :)