Friday, April 11, 2008

Storm Shadow, ninja warrior

Snake-Eyes' enemy in Spy Troops and in the GI Joe comics, Storm Shadow was in the same LRRP team in Vietnam with Snake-Eyes where they became very close (not that kind, people). After the war ended, Snake-Eyes joined Storm Shadow in Japan to study the ways of the ninja under Storm Shadow's uncle, the Hard Master (is there any other type of Master?) of the Arashikage clan (Arashi = "Storm" and kage = "shadow" in Japanese). [A very similar theme occurs in Street Fighter between Ryu and Ken] To cut the long story short, Storm Shadow went on to join the Cobra terrorist organisation (to find his uncle's killer) and Snake-Eyes joined the GI Joe team which would make very interesting battles/duels. Eventually, they would be reunited as sword brothers fighting side-by-side. Wonder how this will play out in the movie?

This 12" Storm Shadow was released by Hasbro in 2003 as part of the "Spy Troops" set. I really liked the look and saw no need for change. IMHO, the "bad" guy looks better and cooler... again.

Storm Shadow has his double swords, pistol, knife and climbing gear.

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