Monday, May 26, 2008

Hawkeye by Toy Biz

While Hawkeye has no superhuman powers, he is an expert archer, a highly trained acrobat and aerialist, being trained in the use of the bow and arrow when he joined the circus as a carnival performer as an orphan. Hawkeye excels in the use of the bow and arrow and carries a quiver containing a number of customized, "trick-arrows" that use sonics, gas, explosives and flares among others. In his early days, Hawkeye was tricked by the Black Widow to steal technology developed by Tony Stark. After several battles with Iron Man — who defeats the pair on every occasion — the Black Widow is injured and Hawkeye flees with her, deciding to go "straight" from then on. Hawkeye later "applies" for membership in the superhero team the Avengers.

All archer inspired heroes in comicdom must be influenced by Robin Hood, who robs from the rich to gives to the poor. DC has Green Arrow and his constant companion, Black Canary.

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StarWarsFan said...

Awesome figure. I'm gonna try and pick him up someday. :)