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BBi Elite Force French Foreign Legionnaire 'Corporal Léon Javert'

Yet another French Foreign Legion military figure (see my previous posts); this is the 1:6 scale BBi Elite Force French Foreign Legionnaire 'Corporal Léon Javert' with Jean-Claude Van Damme likeness

The French Foreign Legion (French: Légion étrangère) is today known as an elite military unit whose training focuses not only on traditional military skills but also on its strong esprit de corps. The Legion is equipped and armed as a rapid deployment force of about 8,200 men. The colors of the legion are Red for Sacrifice and Green for Hope.

This BBi Elite Force 1:6 scale 12-inch French Foreign Legionnaire 'Corporal Léon Javert' from Le Regiment Etranger du Genie came with beret with badge, sunglasses, green T-shirt, Woodlands camouflaged BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), assault vest with ammo & utility pouches, carabina, wrist watch, belt with drop-down holster containing Beretta 92F 9mm pistol with cocking action, 3 removable pistol magazines, 2 water canteens in carrier, Walkie Talkie radio with headset attachment, helmet with goggles, bayonet in scabbard, 5.56mm FAMAS F1 assault rifle with M203 grenade launcher, 7 removable magazines & 4 HE 40mm grenade rounds, boots. Also included was an additional aluminium canteen which opens and the mug.

Among all the Legionnaires that had been released, this one was probably the most outfitted, with lots of gear and accessories. All these goodies didn't cost a whole lot either - those were the days when you could purchase a complete boxed set for less than SGD90.

On a side note: Looks like the French football team are heading BACK home from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in utter disgrace after their shambolic showing. They didn't win any games and even lost to the host nation South Africa. This 2010 squad has to be the worst national side in memory. Well, as they say,"Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish i.e. Les Bleus!"

And here are some close-up pictures of the BBi Elite Force French Foreign Legionnaire 'Corporal Léon Javert' 1:6 head sculpt which is supposed to resemble actor Jean-Claude Van Damme

Here he is with his sunglasses and beret with French Foreign Legion Badge

And here he is without his shades and Green beret

Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in at least two movies about the French Foreign Legion even though he was from Belgium. "Légionnaire (1998)", starring Jean-Claude Van Damme "The Muscles from Brussels", depicted the Foreign Legion's battles against Algerian Berbers. In the 1990 film "Lionheart", Van Damme starred as a Legionnaire who deserted (i.e. went AWOL) in order to help his sister-in-law and niece after his brother is killed.

Some close-ups of the assault vest. Time has taken its toil with the color of the vest having faded in some parts where it is no longer Green in color

I liked the fact that BBi decided to produce this 1:6 scale French Foreign Legionnaire as all the parts and equipment is unique to this particular figure, not just the FAMAS F1 assault rifle

As covered in the previous post, the 5.56mm FAMAS F1 bullpup-styled assault rifle is the service rifle of the French military. This BBI Elite Force 1:6 FAMAS has the 40mm M203 underbarrel grenade launcher attached and also came with extra optical sights (Trijicon Reflex sight and Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight) to aid the shooter. Note the removable French-made 25-round magazine.

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