Tuesday, June 22, 2010

G.I. Joe French Foreign Legionnaire

The French Foreign Legion accepts only the toughest of men - one in five volunteers will not make the cut. When on assignment, Legionnaires will be on missions in the deepest, remotest part of the world. Top physical shape is a must, and constant training keeps the Legionnaire ready for anything he may run into on his mission. Wearing the French Foreign Legion's khaki uniform, beret with beret badge, personal equipment belt, pouches, H-harness, boots, and carrying a canteen with pouch, a bayonet in sheath and the 5.56mm FAMAS F1 bullpup-styled assault rifle, the G.I. Joe French Foreign Legionnaire is ready to take on the toughest mission.

This 1/6 scale 12-inch G.I. Joe Classic Collection French Foreign Legionnaire was released in 1997 following renewed interest in 12-inch action figures of all kinds. Hasbro decided to go beyond the 12-inch versions of their "Hall of Fame" G.I. Joe line and reintroduced a series of figures closer in spirit to the original G.I. Joe lineup. Hasbro's G.I. Joe Classic Collection figures were thus released in 1996, under the Kenner brand. The initial four figures offered were the U.S. Army Infantry (desert camo), British SAS, Australian ODF and U.S. Airborne Ranger. The following year saw the release of the U.S. Army Tank Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Sniper and French Foreign Legion, followed by the Modern Forces Assortment.

This G.I. Joe Legionnaire was pretty basic and bare in his fatiques so I added the assault vest from the BBI Elite Force French Foreign Legion "Bruno" and helmet with goggles from BBI Elite Force Legionnaire ‘Corporal Leon Javert’.

France adopted personal camouflage fairly late, not replacing the bright blue and red uniform with horizon blue until 1914 and with khaki until early 1915. The colonial associations of camouflage kept the French in monochrome olive green until 1990.

The 5.56mm FAMAS F1 (French: Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne or "Assault rifle of the Saint-Étienne weapon factory") is a bullpup-styled assault rifle designed and manufactured in France by MAS located in Saint-Étienne, which is now a member of the French government-owned Nexter group. It is the service rifle of the French military.

The French military finally accepted the rifle in 1978 as the standard French combat weapon. After adoption, the FAMAS F1 replaced the aging MAS 49/56 rifle and MAT-49 submachine gun, and approximately 400,000 FAMAS F1 assault rifles were produced, with production now complete. [source: wiki]

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