Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Toys Quarter Scale QS002 The Terminator: 1/4th scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/4th scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure from The Terminator movie. The 1/4th scale Endoskeleton collectible is specially crafted based on the image in the movie, highlighting the electroplated endoskeleton, LED-lighted eyes, weapon and figure stand imitating the movie scene.

The 1/4th scale Endoskeleton Collectible Figure specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Endoskeleton in The Terminator movie. Stands approximately 18.5 inches / 47 cm tall with Over 30 points of articulations. Comes with LED-lighted eyes (red light, battery operated), Electroplated endoskeleton with diecast parts, Fully articulated fingers

Weapon: One (1) plasma rifle

Accessory: Figure stand imitating the movie scene with skulls, Endoskeleton nameplate and The Terminator movie logo

Exclusive Bonus Accessory for Special Edition: One (1) additional plasma rifle (This special edition is for selected markets only.)

Artists: Head Sculpted by Cha Tae Jin, Head Painted by JC. Hong

Release date: Q1, 2013

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Battery included for collectible figure, button cells are required


Colin said...

Yes, my favourite movie character is back! Consider my interest piqued, die cast parts? I wonder, does that mean the entire endoskeleton is made of metal. For that, i would gladly part with the money, even though this bad boy would leave the rest of my 1:6 collection feeling.. inadequate somewhat :( Maybe i'll just wait for a 1:6 T-800 Endo. Loving the chrome...

Anonymous said...

this will tower above all 1:6 figures and make them look like shrimps. doubt the whole endoskeleton's made of metal - think of the shipping costs!!! plus it wouldn't be in hot toy's best interest nor budget. also looking forward to the quart scale dark knight!