Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Toys - Batman Series - 1/6th scale Collectible Vehicles at a glance - just WOW!

From Hot Toys:
Dear all,

Hot Toys has brought many collectible figures of the Batman movies to fans.

Besides collectible figures, Hot Toys also brings the giant movie vehicles into reality – The Bat, Camouflage Batmobile and Bat-pod from the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises movie (2012), Batmobile in different designs from The Dark Knight (2008), Batman (1989), and Batman 1966 Live-action TV Series!

Here is a series of the Batman vehicles at a glance, which will come together with the figures soon!

Click on the picture for an ENLARGED view!

WOW! No other words necessary ;p This just blows the mind!

Click on the picture for an ENLARGED view!


Unknown said...

Omg, like what I said on my blog. I pity the 'Bat-fans'.

Anonymous said...

Hot toys has alot On their plate, all the new releases are scheduled for December 2012 which will most likely roll over into 2013 and with push back and delays we'll be lucky if we see alot of these collectibles by 3rd quarter 2013....