Sunday, March 3, 2013

1/6 Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Classic Captain America costume by Captain Action

I wasn't too pleased with the 12-inch figure body I had used earlier for filling up this Captain Action Marvel Comics 1/6 scale Captain America Costume Set by Round 2 Corp - you can see the posts HERE and HERE. So I decided to have another go. I had just posted this updated look Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America standing together with the 1/6 scale Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Asmus Toys "The Avengers" outfit set in my earlier post :)

I had used the regular Hot Toys TrueType 12-inch figure body for the initial fitting but it just doesn't fill up the classic Captain America costume like it should and made Steve Rogers look rather scrawny :( So I decided to switch the body to a more muscular version and used the regular body for Tony Stark instead (see 1/6 scale stark naked Tony pictures HERE). Scroll down to see Steve Rogers new 12-inch muscular body.

There's a whole history of body types I could go into way before Hot Toys TrueType bodies even arrived on the scene. There were quite a number of developments with the basic body shape to muscular body type and then back to regular body type again. It's all to do with using the right type of body to fit the right clothes / attire.

This particular body type is rather old and I think it goes way back to early 2000 (the beginning of the new millennium). I've had this body lying around in my kitbash stash - check out my post HERE titled "1:6 stuff for kitbashing OR just some of my stash" for more :)

These bulky 12-inch figure bodies (built like body builder types) were not good at all for kitting out a military figure because the huge chest impedes movement and the figure could not stretch his hand across his chest when he was fully loaded with all his gear and equipment. It also made him look very top heavy, like a tortoise with its shell and the head and limbs sticking out.

But this same bulky body works fine with this particular Captain Action Marvel Comics 1/6 scale Captain America Costume Set by Round 2 Corp because it fills up the superhero costume nicely and makes the figure look more impressive. If you were to compare this set of pictures with the earlier ones posted HERE, you can clearly see how much difference the body makes

I am definitely happier with how this turned out as compared to the look before this changeover. Now Steve Rogers look like he did come out from the experiment to transform him into a super soldier successfully.

In the 2011 "Captain America: The First Avenger" film by Marvel Studios, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) dons this classic Golden Age Captain America costume when he was asked to promote war bonds after Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) was killed / assassinated before he could duplicate the formula for more Super Soldiers to form an army.

In the movie, Steve Rogers USO stage shield is in the classic red, white and blue colors inspired by the United Sates of America flag. The shield he carried was the triangular version and not this round disc-shaped shield which he has become synonymous with. You can check out pictures of Captain America's 1/6 scale triangular shield HERE

The mask Cap is holding is the Captain America mask from the Round 2 Corp Captain Action 1/6 scale Captain America costume set. I cut off the portions where the face had been so that it now looks more like a mask Chris Evans as Steve Rogers could put on.

Scroll down to see close-up pictures of this 1/6 scale Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Classic Captain America costume by Captain Action

I am quite pleased with this new look especially since I only had to use the particular OLDER muscle body type from my kitbash stash and didn't have to fork out money for a newer 12-inch muscular body.

So there you have it - Chris Evans (head sculpt from Hot Toys) as Steve Rogers in classic Captain America costume (from the new Captain Action line by Round 2 Corp)

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humanbeingill said...

The new Hot Toys True Type Muscle body is what I used for my custom Steve Rogers Heavy bag Training Set. For a little less money I found the Kaustic Plastik Heroik muscle body attractive as well, (IF) it's still available. I agree with you Sir, when customizing choosing the right body type is important.... I've always thought we need fat, short, or taller type bodies as well.