Monday, March 11, 2013

Review 1: DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Spade J 12" figure – animated Jason Statham

This is the much highly anticipated DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure. This is a totally new and original line by DAM Toys and when they first announced it, they caught everyone by surprise and made many people sit up and take notice. DAM Toys was telling everybody (collectors and competitors alike) that they were picking up the pace and everyone better watch out :) Many 12-inch figure collectors including myself were certainly excited to see something different and something very artistic in the way DAM Toys managed to create a stylized / animated version of Jason Statham. Who else is this guy supposed to be?

Since posting about this getting this figure in my earlier toy blog post "My March 2013 HAUL and it's another BIG one :)" HERE, I've gotten quite a lot of requests to see the review and pictures of this bad boy. So without further ado, let's jump right into it. Scroll down to see the pictures of this DAM Toys Spade J figure. There are lots and there's going to be lots more.

The box is straightforward and simple enough. I like the overall black look with the dashes of red. The top and bottom panels are red, as is the single letter "J" (for Jason?). Like I mentioned earlier, I like the back of the box too with its paying homage to Luc Besson's 1994 film "Léon: The Professional".

The inside flap has a whole backstory about the figure's background. Spade J's real name is "Ogier" and the former hired killer of "Red King" is now on the run from his ex-boss who has put a price on Ogier's head for killing his only son and heir, Billy Kid.

A playing card is included as well - Spade J is the Jack of Spades in the Gangsters Kingdom

DAM Toys Spade J as he is in the box's main top tray

The bottom try contains all the other 1/6 scale accessories

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J accessories include: Diesel Shoulder sling Bag, one spare left hand with middle finger pointed (also known as flipping someone off, giving the bird, the rude finger or the one finger salute),  peaked cap, silver necklace (made of metal), two spare P226 pistol magazines, switchblade knife, P226 pistol with magazine, PPK pistol with magazine and silencer, ankle holster.

Close-up picture of the 1/6 scale Diesel Shoulder Sling Bag - nicely done

And here's a closer look at PPK pistol with magazine and silencer, two spare P226 pistol magazines and switchblade knife (one molded piece, doesn't close but has nice details)

Close-up shot of the DAM Toys 1/6 scale P226 pistol with magazine

Check out the silver necklace that's made of metal - very cool

Here's DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure (stylized / animated Jason Statham?) going topless – without his black long sleeve T-shirt and motorcycle leather jacket. I was curious to see what  the 12-inch figure body was like under the clothes.

Surprise, surprise - Spade J has tattoos

And here's a look at Spade J's 1/6 scale black "leather" boots. They are actually boot-feet / beet i.e. no feet inside them, just pegs that go straight into the legs.

Love the 1/6 scale sculpted hands on this figure. Very stylized and goes so well with the overall look. The right index finger has the words "SENTENCE" on it, presumably to make it look like a tattoo. And the sentence is ... Death!

The hands are not made to hold the switchblade knife correctly but it's still a nice look

The neck might seem a little long but hey, this is a stylized look remember? And I believe the long neck is to allow the jacket collar to fit nicely once all the clothes are put on. Nobody's going to display Spade J topless so this look is only temporal.

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch topless figure as seen from the back

Now he has his black long sleeve T-shirt back on

And this is how Spade J looks with black long sleeve tee. He is now holding the 1/6 scale PPK pistol.

In Western culture, the finger (as in giving someone the finger or the bird), also known as the finger wave, the middle finger, flipping someone off, flipping the bird, the rude finger or the one finger salute is an obscene hand gesture, roughly equivalent in meaning to "fuck off" or "fuck you". The gesture dates back to Ancient Greece and was also used in Ancient Rome. Historically, it represented the phallus. In some modern cultures, it has gained increasing acceptance as a sign of disrespect, and has been used by music artists, athletes, and politicians. Many still view the gesture as obscene.

And here's a look at the heavy motorcycle leather jacket that comes with DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure (animated Jason Statham). Click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

NEXT: DAM Toys Spade J with his leather jacket and peaked cap on. Check out how he looks with everything on ;p


Kaido said...

Thanks for the review of Ogier. Looking forward to part 2. Just in case, thought I'd mention there are warnings the cap can stain the head sculpt and DamToys recommends padding the inside lining with some paper before wearing it.

How are the joints? Fragile or okay? Will he require a stand?

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

this is a great item and hopefully is the beginning of a new sort of 1/6 figures.

alex teo said...

Hi Kaido, sorry I forgot to mention, the body is tight at the joints and can stand on its own without the need for a stand.

alex teo said...

yah Jako, this is the first of two so far. Let's hope we get to see more in the future :)

jocedeg said...

Looks a lot like "Cartoon Chev" from "Crank 2' !

alex teo said...

haha could be since Chev Chelios in CRANK is also Jason Statham :)

Unknown said...

Hi there, i want to ask you if you consider that a soldier story body will fit ok in the jeans and the jacket?

alex teo said...

Yes it should :) I intend to switch out the clothes as well and kitbash a stylized Frank Castle The Transporter ;p