Thursday, June 12, 2014

Check out Xensation Collectibles 1/6 scale Mister ? 12-inch figure. Isn't he Jim Carrey The Riddler?

Newcomer Xensation Collectibles announced that they're coming out with a new figure - Mister ? - this winter.

Fans of the Batman film franchise will immediately recognize it as The Riddler from the 1995 film, "Batman Forever", starring Jim Carrey as The Riddler. The set is a pretty well spot on 1:6 scale recreation of the character. It comes with a figure with Mister ? head sculpt, green question mark body suit, green question mark jacket, shoes, green derby hat, staff, hand assortment, two hand grenades, green question mark bag, and figure stand. Xensation hints at a Two Face looking character in the background of one shot - looks like he's next on their design board...

Xensation Collectibles 1/6 scale Mister ? 12-inch figure Features: 12-inch Figure with 1/6 scale head sculpt that bears a likeness to Jim Carrey as The Riddler from "Batman Forever", Bodysuit, Jacket, Shoes, Hat, Bag with Grenades x 2, Staff, Hand Assortment, Figure Stand.

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You can pre-order this Xensation Collectibles 1/6 scale Mister ? 12-inch figure from Cotswold Collectibles HERE

There was also a 1/6 scale Jim Carrey as The Riddler 12-inch figure from "Batman Forever" released by Asmus Toys some time ago. Check out the preview pictures HERE

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Harvey "Cookie" Dent said...

NnnowTHAT's impressive!! For this (& Two-Face, sorry, DOUBLE Face) I can just say "...A ROSE, by any OTHER name, would smell AS sweet." The totally nailed it, right down to that "come hither"- stare... Wowww...
F***in' A!