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The Gang's all here! Dam Toys 1/6 Gangsters Kingdom Spade J, 2, 3 and 4 altogether in a post

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After reviewing DAM Toys 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade IV "Chad" (Colin Farrell) Figure HERE, HERE and HERE, it's time to put all the members of the gang together for a group shot / picture. Dam Toys 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom line / series has been receiving quite a lot of positive feedback for its shot at something different, especially in the area of the unique head sculpts done in caricature style while still maintaining the resemblance and likeness of the people they are supposed to be, which are mostly actors and famous personalities.

The glossy / shiny brown motorcycle leather jacket that Spade 4 comes with is a little too thick and stiff, otherwise this is another GREAT figure, the fourth in the series. After this figure, it looks like Dam Toys will be introducing members from the rival gang, Diamond 2 "Alger" and Diamond 3 "Juarez" (previewed HERE and HERE respectively). While waiting for them to be released, let's have another look at all four figures already out in the market.

From left to right: Spade J "Ogier" (Jason Statham), Spade 3 "Bernie / Pence" (Wayne Rooney), Spade 4 "Chad" (Colin Farrell) and Spade 2 "Nelson" (Vinnie Jones). The actual persons are all non-Americans making their presence felt around the world, mostly through films and football (Wayne Rooney).

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DAM Toys 1/6 scale The Gangsters Kingdom Spade 3 "Bernie / Pence" 12-inch figure. You can see pictures of the Wayne Rooney head sculpt that is under the mask HERE, in an earlier post on my toy blog.

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Spade 2 "Nelson" 12-inch figure with an animated / stylized head sculpt of Vinnie Jones, who was a rather bad boy when he was playing football professionally, being sent off 12 times in his career, as well as holding the record for the quickest ever booking in a football match, being booked after just three seconds for a foul on the opposition player Dane Whitehouse in a Premier League tie between Chelsea and Sheffield United in 1992.

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J "Ogier" 12-inch figure with animated Jason Statham head sculpt. Some of the other more realistic 1/6 scale head sculpts of Jason Statham that have been released can be seen in my posts as follows: Art Figures AF-010 1/6 scale Soldiers of Fortune 12-inch action figure "Lee Christmas" (pictures HERE, HERE and HERE), kitbash 1:6 scale Jason Statham as Frank Martin in Transporter 3 posted HERE, kitbash 12-inch Jason Statham as FBI agent John Crawford in Rogue Assassin HERE and the latest 1/6 scale Jason Statham head sculpt by Belet posted HERE

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