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Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman 10.5-inch action figure Review II

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Here are more pictures of this recently released Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman 10.5-inch action figure. Having reviewed the box contents and taken pictures of Arkham Origins: Batman in the basic standing pose as well as the famous Frank Miller "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" jumping down from the sky pose, I wanted to share this other Batman pose inspired by the drawings of comic book artist Neal Adams. In some of Neal Adams' drawings of Batman, he has Batman launching forward with the body very close to the ground in a very dynamic way.

I was able to use the figure display stand included with this Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman for this particular pose. Any attempt to use the stand to support Batman in a off the ground pose was futile as the figure is just too heavy for the stand which is why I couldn't use the stand in the previous post where I had Batman with both legs in the air. I like the articulation of this Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman action figure as he poses rather well with the aid of a stand. he probably can do more and I'll definitely be trying that out with the Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Deathstroke the Terminator action figure which I also managed to get. See the toy blog post of my August haul HERE

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As mentioned previously, "Batman: Arkham Origins" is a 2013 action-adventure video game that takes place about five years before "Batman: Arkham Asylum", in midwinter Gotham City. Batman, an experienced crime-fighter in the second year of his career, is not yet the veteran superhero of "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City".

Designers aimed to make the younger Batman's outfit look "assembled versus manufactured", pieced together from a number of sources. Holmes said, "[Batman's suit is] not something that was made in a factory. He's taken pieces of tech either he's invented, he's fabricated or things from the Wayne facilities, and he has made this costume out of these pieces."

I really like the look and "feel" of the batsuit. Granted this is not 1/6 scale and batman is not wearing the correct fabric costume but I think the manufacturers managed to achieve the right feel of the costume with plastic molding and sculpting. Hot Toys has previewed pictures of their 1/6th scale "Batman: Arkham City" Batman Collectible Action Figure HERE but no news of this "Arkham Origins" version as yet. For a 10.5 inch action figure, this Batman certainly has a lot of nice detailing and paintwork.

Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman 10.5-inch action figure comes with a very uniquely crafted cape - check out the revealing pictures HERE - and it seems to work rather well for posing and for effect.

In the pictures below, you can see how the figure display stand works in holding Batman in place. Like I say, not good at all for in-the-air poses because the figure is just too heavy for the stand but it still does serve its purpose in this instance.

The Grapnel Gun (also known as the Grapple Hook or the Grapple Gun) is one of Batman's main gadgets. It is much like the Batclaw, but is not used as a weapon or opening grates, but a mode of transportation, getting the Dark Knight to any high up ground. A lot of Batman's gadgets are based on the Grapnel Gun, such as the REC Gun and the Batclaw.

Scroll down to see close-up pictures taken of Play Arts Kai Square Enix "Batman: Arkham Origins" Batman 10.5-inch action figure. The details are really very nice and so is the sculpting. I really like the head sculpt of Batman here - grim, determined and completely focussed on what he's doing!

NEXT: Square Enix Play Arts Kai "Batman: Arkham Origins" Deathstroke 10-inch (25.5 cm) action figure review HERE, HERE and HERE

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