Thursday, August 28, 2014

Preview Phicen Limited Artistic Interpretation 1:6 scale The Last Female Student Collector Figure

Blood: The Last Vampire is a 2000 anime film produced by Production I.G and SPE Visual Works and directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo. A live-action adaptation of the film with the same title was released in Japan in May 2009. The story is about a girl named Saya, who hunts bat-like creatures called chiropterans using a katana. It is implied that she is the last remaining vampire and called "the only remaining original." Saya has no weakness to sunlight, although it is unknown if she has any of the other vulnerabilities often attributed to vampires. Saya displays superhuman senses and strength, as well as cunning, resourcefulness, and skill. The manga series suggests she was a human-vampire hybrid. Her age is unknown, but a picture of her with nine other people is shown in the film with the date 1892 and the word "vampire" attached to it.

Looks like Phicen's latest product is based very much on Saya from "Blood: The Last Vampire".

Phicen Limited Item No.: PL2014-34 The Last Female Student Uniform Temptation Series Artistic Interpretation 1:6 Scale Collector Figure is 28.5 cm in height and will come with: 1/6 scale female Head sculpt, Large bust size seamless body in pale skin, Replaceable hands 4 pieces / 2 pairs, Long school uniform 1set, Short school uniform 1set, underpants, Flat shoes with stocking, Schoolbag, Samurai sword / katana, figure display base.

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Seems like the costume / outfit worn by Babydoll (Emily Browning) in Sucker Punch was very much inspired by this anime character. Check out the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS157 - Sucker Punch: 1/6th scale Babydoll Collectible Figure pictures HERE.

Phicen has certainly come a long way in terms of quality of their products. Compare these pictures with their earlier released Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Female Seamless Body with Tan skin and large bust size 12-inch figure posted HERE and the more recent 2013 Convention Exclusive 1:6 scale Phicen 12-inch Female seamless body with pale skin and large bust size (reviewed HERE and HERE)

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