Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preview DAM Toys 1/6 scale Russian Airborne Troops or "VDV in Crimea" 12-inch military figure

The Russian Airborne Troops or VDV (from "Vozdushno-desantnye voyska", Russian: Воздушно-десантные войска, ВДВ; Air-landing Forces) is a military branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They are an elite force, on par with the Strategic Rocket Forces and the Russian Space Forces. First formed before World War II, the force undertook two significant airborne operations and a number of smaller jumps during the war and for many years after 1945 was the largest airborne force in the world. The force was split after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, losing divisions to Belarus and Ukraine, and has been reduced in size.

1/6 scale Russian troops have been appearing on the 12-inch figure market of late. This is the third Russian military figure to be released by Dam Toys so far, after the DAM toys 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group 12-inch Special Operations figure (previewed HERE) and the Dam Toys 1/6 scale Spetsnaz FSB Vympel 12-inch Special Forces Figure (previewed HERE). There was also the Very Cool Toys 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12-inch figure (pictures HERE) and most recently KGB Hobby 1/6 scale Russian Special Forces Outfit Sets KGB-001A & KGB-001B (posted HERE) and the Toys City 1/6 scale WWII Red Army Scout outfit / uniform Set (TC#68003) for 12-inch figures (link HERE).

DAM Toys 78019 1/6 scale Russian Airborne Troops or "VDV" in Crimea 12-inch military figure parts list: 1/6 scale head sculpt, Dam 12-inch action figure body 2.0, tactical glove palms x 3, goggles, goggles cover (black), 6B28 helmet and cover (digital flora), mask (black), sailor shirt, winter suit jacket (digital flora), BDU pants (digital flora), belt (OD), leather belt, paratrooper boots, 6B23 armor vest, 6SH112 MOLLE tactical vest (digital flora), single mag pouch x 2 (digital flora), single mag pouch with one rop x2 (digital flora), GP pouch x3 (digital flora), universal pouch x 2 (flora), buttpack (digital flora), VX radio pouch (digital flora), 1-quart canteen cover (digital flora), 1-quart military canteen, VX radio, AK-74M assault rifle, AK-74M mag 6+1, AK-74M hider, AK-74M sling, AK-74 bayonet, AK-74 scabbard, kneepad (OD), elbow pad (OD), D hanging buckle (green), military binoculars, military rain cape

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The DAM Toys Item No. 78019 Russian Airborne Troops or "VDV in Crimea" 12-inch military figure 1/6 scale head sculpt is supposed to resemble Josh Brolin from "Oldboy", with the distinctive scar. This wouldn't be the first head sculpt with Josh Brolin's likeness to be released. Dragon Models Limited (DML) released a MIB3 (Men in Black 3) Josh Brolin as Agent K 12-inch Figure in 2012 (see the pictures HERE and HERE) and there's also the BBK 003 1/6th scale Cowboy OR Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex 12-inch Wild West figure - reviewed HERE and HERE

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