Monday, August 15, 2016

Hot Toys MMS006 1/6th scale First Blood Part II John Rambo 12-inch figure all CRACKed up

Welcome home, Joseph Schooling :)

August 13, 2016 shall forever be etched in the minds of ALL Singaporeans as the day history was made! The day a small nation like Singapore took centre stage in the world, all because of one man's determination and drive to be the best at what he does. Joseph Isaac Schooling won a first-ever Olympic Gold medal for Singapore in Rio with an Olympic Record time of 50.39 seconds, besting Michael Phelps of the United States (his idol and inspiration), Chad le Clos of South Africa and Laszlo Cseh of Hungary, with all three tied for second place and a Silver medal in a time of 51.14 seconds. Joseph Schooling is now officially an Olympic Champion and we are all very proud of him for achieving his dreams and accomplishing what he set out to do from the beginning as well as the sacrifices he has made for his country. So glad to see that he did not crack under pressure.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about something that did CRACK under pressure... the pressure of time. Almost everything in this physical world deteriorates over time, especially rubber materials and rubberised 1:6 scale bodies have not been able to escape the deterioration caused by time. Check out my earlier toy blog post titled "Hot Toy Collecting Tip #2: What to do about Cracking Rubber and Disintegrating Suits" HERE where I reported that Rambo was still looking mighty fine. Alas, age has finally caught up with him :(

This Hot Toys MMS006 1/6th scale First Blood Part II John Rambo 12-inch figure was part of Hot Toys very early line-up since they started the Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS) in the year 2000 which makes this figure about 16 years old. I guess that's about 160 in toy years LOL

I decided to bring Rambo up since he has been a popular topic over the last couple of days, first with Mr Toys 1/6th scale Jungle Battlemaster 12-inch figure (previewed HERE) followed by HaoYu Toys 1/6th scale Forest Lone Wolf 12-inch action figure (pictures HERE). Rambo certainly looks better with a seamless body which Hot Toys tried to do but never really continued from there. I believe it is because of the cracking body issues. Too much headache and not worth looking into when you can get paid lots of money for just churning out Iron Man suits and suit repaints over and over again. Other companies have tried with seamless bodies and one particular company, Phicen Limited, seems to have succeeded where many have failed. I have gotten some of their female bodies as well as their latest male bodies and I must say, their seamless bodies are super flexible and most impressive (PHICEN Ltd PL2015-M30 was reviewed HERE and PL2015-M31 was part of my recent haul HERE). Not sure if they'll last the test of time. Hopefully, with new technology, the materials used are much better and more lasting. Only time will tell. Back to Rambo and the cracked rubber body.

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Rashpal said...

Those look like combat scars! ☺

Anonymous said...

that's why I don't believe the producers of all-rubber figures and I will never buy a Phicen-type figure

alex teo said...

Definitely can understand your concern and where you are coming from :) As for me, I just love to try out new stuff and see how the manufacturers innovate and think out of the box to try and make things better. I just LOVE the super flexibility of the seamless male muscle bodies and how they are able to do everything a human body can.

Unknown said...

I agree. The quality of the Phicen seamless male is amazing. Even if it ends up cracking (might be a while if ever), I am confident down the line there will be even better improvements made to replace the original. The Phicen skin really doesnt feel like it is going to crack any time soon though, it is really elastic.