Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mbox Studio Slicer Generals #1 Takeda Ryu 1/6th scale action figure slices and dices

In the near future, mankind has started a devastating biological war.

Takeda Ryu, who is the descendant of Takeda Shingen (a great general in senngoku period), gathers the descendants of other great generals to kill all the variant infected by biological war. They are known as 'Slicer Generals'.

There will always be the innovators and the imitators. ThreeZero collaborated with Ashley Wood and came up with ThreeA 1:6 scale POPbot and Tomorrow Kings series of 12-inch figures which dealt with robot hunters and robot killers in a post-apocalyptic future. Many companies have since followed suit along the same vein, creating their own characters that fight robots or other evil in a post-apocalyptic world. Ax2 "Boom!" 1/6th scale Rei (prototype clone) 12-inch action figure comes to mind - see the action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE.

Mbox Studio Slicer Generals #1 Takeda Ryu 1/6th scale Action Figure will come with: helmet, head sculpt x 1 (WIP), mask, mechanical arm, articulated hands, belt x 2, scarf, shoulder armor, chest armor, leg armor (large), leg armor (small). *armor can be attached. Weapon: katana x 2, wakizashi x 2, grenade x 6. Accessory: severed robot head, standing base (WIP), banner (WIP), helmet display stand, poster, comic book

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Kaido said...

This is cool, but unoriginal. I almost wish 3A made it.