Sunday, August 14, 2016

HaoYu Toys 1/6th scale Forest Lone Wolf 12-inch action figure is yet another Stallone Rambo?

We are suddenly being bombarded with Rambo 12-inch figures. this week there is not one but two Rambo figures being previewed. The first was the Mr Toys 1/6th scale Jungle Battlemaster 12-inch action figure posted on my toy blog HERE and now there's this Forest Lone Wolf figure by HaoYu Toys.

HaoYu Toys 1/6th scale Forest Lone Wolf 12-inch action figure will come with head sculpt, Body, Hands x 10, Black jacket, Black pants, Black vest, Shoe, Leather belt, Backpack, RPG-7, RPG Rounds x2, Bow, Arrow x4, Metal Dagger, Diorama Base, Necklace, Watch

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
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Kaltier said...

Unlike the earlier one you showed us.. This one while scrolling down made me hum the rambo theme/tune.doesnt look too bad. Quite nice based on the pics. Would be nice if they came out with a few 80s action heroes and priced them more affordable than the usual other big companies.

alex teo said...

They should price them like the 80s XD hahaha

Kaltier said...

Thats the best alex. Good ol 80s.