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PHICEN PL2015-M31 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body (31 cm tall) Review 1

I was so impressed with the first Phicen Limited Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body figure that I pre-ordered this second version as well. Although I had gotten it in June 2016, I've only just come around to recview it. Phicen’s first male seamless body of muscular build, PL2015-M30, was reviewed earlier on my toy blog HERE. The first Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body was more muscular and looks a lot like a body builder whereas this version looks more like a regular guy who is fit but not overly muscular. Phicen PL2015-M30 seamless muscle body from head to toe is 29 cm whereas this recently released PL2015-M31 is 31 cm tall. Do note that the body does NOT come with a head sculpt and according to the company that produced this, its skin tone (TAN) matches that of most head sculpts.

I've used the 1/6th scale Jake Gyllenhaal head sculpt which came with the Hot Toys TTM19 TrueType Muscular Body Figure for this Phicen PL2015-M31 Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body and the head seems to match the skin tone of the body rather well. I also did an action figure review of Hot Toys TTM19 TrueType Muscular Body earlier HERE. While Hot Toys bodies (and most other 12-inch figures) have visible joints which take away the realism of the posed figure when their limbs are exposed, Phicen has excelled in producing seamless bodies (both male and female types) with no visible joints that are SUPER-flexible! The flexibility makes it possible to pose the figure in any position without any problems.

Its internal skeleton armature is made from durable stainless steel to withstand playability without being easily damaged or corrupted. Each armature has 26 points of articulation, using ball-jointed system, for maximum flexibility and movement. Each joint is designed to move freely and consistently with 90% accuracy. The stainless steel armature is wrapped with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly medical-grade material specially developed for Phicen bodies. The material features durable, anti-cracking qualities (see my post on cracked bodies HERE and HERE) that are easy to clean, but not easy to stain or dye. Additionally, the skin texture is designed to deliver a tactile experience of real skin.

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This newer body doesn't come with any penis unlike the first version which came with three different size penises. That's okay because I do not see the need for them nor will I be attaching any of them on the figure as I don't see the purpose of having a 12-inch figure with a dick since he will be clothed all the time. This PL2015-M31 figure also comes with two additional pair of hands. PL2015-M30 only had two pairs in total.

On a lighter note, a dear friend told me this story: "When I worked in the toy business there was always great controversy every time some company introduced an 'anatomically correct' baby doll. That always reminded me of a lecture by famous anthropologist, Margaret Meade who was famous for her work in Africa. She informed the audience that she had to add genitals to the male dolls so that the African children would not think white people were sexless. Hearing that from a sweet little old lady was quite a laugh in 1950." Thanks, Ted :)

Here's the PHICEN PL2015-M31 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body with Hot Toys TTM19 Jake Gyllenhaal head sculpt in dynamic standing pose

The picture below shows the PHICEN PL2015-M31 in superhero landing pose. You can compare this with the more muscular but shorter PL2015-M30 posted earlier HERE. I had tried posing other 12-inch bodies in this pose previously but it was just not possible - you can check out my toy blog post HERE for the pictures. That's why it's even more impossible to pose 1:6 scale Iron Man like this because all that armor will just get in the way. They only could do it in the films because of CCI. I'm quite convinced that an actual suit of armor cannot achieve this. Some of the pictures I've seen of Hot Toys Iron Man in this pose look very awkward and unnatural. The pictures didn't show the figure in a dynamic pose but made the figure look rather odd and distorted.

The "crouching tiger hidden dragon" pose LOL actually this PHICEN PL2015-M31 doesn't come with any "dragon", only the M30 did. And as I had mentioned earlier, he had three different sizes for you to choose from XD

Getting ready to take off! Can you imagine if Superman was this skinny i.e. less bulky? It makes sense since Superman gets his powers only when he's under the light of a yellow sun so that would mean that he doesn't need muscles to be able to do what he does. He has superpowers because of our sun and this has nothing to do with how bulky and strong he is. Otherwise, Supergirl would look more like a female wrestler or female body builder than Melissa Benoist.

Up, up and away!

This is the dynamic archer action pose (with imaginary bow and arrow).

And finally, Bruce Lee flying kick action stance

NEXT: Comparison pictures of this recently released PHICEN PL2015-M31 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body (31 cm tall) with earlier released shorter and more muscular PHICEN PL2015-M30 seamless body (29 cm tall)

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Received mine yesterday,excellent....

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Cool poses! Helps us see how flexible this figure is.

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where can i buy it?

alex teo said...

You can try e-bay. This figure was very popular and sold out by the time it hit the stores. Hopefully some reseller will put it on e-bay. Cheers