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Comparison pictures of Phicen 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body M30 & M31

continued from previous toy blog post (action figure review 1)...

These are the two Super-Flexible Male Seamless Bodies released by Phicen so far. They have actually released quite a number of female bodies already and many companies have jumped onto their wagon and collaborated with Phicen to use Phicen's seamless bodies with metal skeletons for their own products which is probably a good marketing decision since Phicen has done all the research and testing and have come up with a very innovative and excellent product, so why bother re-inventing the wheel?

Many females have been released by Phicen and yet only these two males so far, PL2015-M30 on the left (reviewed earlier on my toy blog HERE) and PL2015-M31 on the right (see previous post for all the pictures). These bodies do not come with head sculpts so what you are seeing are actually Hot Toys Wentworth Miller head (taken from Hot Toys TTM18 True Type previewed HERE) on M30 and Hot Toys 1/6th scale Jake Gyllenhaal head (sold with TTM19 Muscular Body, reviewed HERE) on M31.

A very dear friend commented that his only complaint with all seamless bodies is the unnatural look of the elbow, actually the lack thereof, visually. But that is the only complaint. The wrists and ankles are very well "joined" so the seam line almost disappears. And he has been around 1/6th scale figures his whole life! He was there when G.I. Joe was created so that certainly puts him as an authority :) I also agree with Ted that the real advantage to these figures is not the seamless feature but their pose-ability / flexibility! I have never seen figures this flexible and pose-able. Seamless works well if the figure is posed in a pair of swim trucks for males and bikini for females but most of these figures will end up getting dressed so that leaves very little skin exposed. But you cannot deny they look good without clothes. No visible joint lines with poses that can look very natural and realistic. I really like these new super flexible seamless bodies by Phicen!

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Check out the height difference between PL2015-M30 on the left and PL2015-M31 on the right. M30 with head is about 29 cm tall whereas M31 with head stands 31 cm tall. More comparison pictures shown below.

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