Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chinese Astronauts in space walk

Congrats to China on their giant leap into space exploration. After sending its first astronaut into space in 2003, Chinese astronauts walked in space yesterday, 27 September 2008. Beijing is attempting a lunar landing in 2020. By then we'll know if the Apollo Moon landings were all a conspiracy or a true event.

The papers published a picture of the China-made spacesuit aptly named "Feitian", weighing a whopping 120kg and takes 15 hours to put on. Unfortunately, the suit doesn't look very flattering from the pictures taken. The "cool" factor is somewhat missing IMHO.

Comparison with the first American astronauts from Project Mercury

USAF U-2 pilot - not exactly an astronaut but dressed like one to fly the Lockheed U-2 spy plane, nicknamed the "Dragon Lady". The U-2 is a single-seat, single-engine, high-altitude, reconnaissance aircraft with super long (103 feet) wings which gave it glider-like characteristics. It can carry a variety of sensors and cameras for its spy missions.


Kenny said...

While the Chinese are there, I hope they take the time to find that American flag, because I don't think the Americans ever landed on the moon.

alex teo said...

I hear you Kenny. I also want China to find the American flag, if it even exists.