Friday, September 2, 2011

ACI 1/6 "Flamma" Gladiator of Rome 12-inch Figure REVIEW 1

A gladiator (Latin: gladiator, "swordsman", from gladius, "sword") was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and social standing and their lives by appearing in the arena. Most were despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death.

Flamma was one of the most famous gladiators of Rome because he was awarded the rudis (the highest reward which was the gift of a wooden training sword or staff) no less than four times but still chose to remain a gladiator. The gravestone of Flamma, in Sicily, details the following information: "Flamma, secutor, lived 30 years, fought 34 times, won 21 times, fought to a draw 9 times, defeated 4 times a Syrian by nationality."

This is the ACI 1/6 Warriors Series: Gladiator of Rome "Flamma" 12-inch figure that was recently released. The box the figure comes in is rather big and the slip-case cover slides out to reveal the figure in the tray with his accessories. Good thing the figure is already outfitted in his gladiator gear / attire, otherwise it's going to be a pain straping them on as they appear quite snug on him.

ACI 1/6 Warriors Series: Gladiator of Rome "Flamma" 12-inch figure comes with: Newly sculpted and detailed head (each piece is professionally hand painted); Newly developed muscular body, Andrew 1.0 (since GOD already named the first human Adam or sometimes mispronounced "Ah-dumb") with Well-defined torso and limbs with muscle definition, detailed skin texture with prominent blood vessels and manifest pores, and strengthened joint for static stability; leather-like chest harness; overlapping foldable armor for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm (material: ABS); shoulder armor pad; Leather-like torso brace; Fabric loincloth; Greaves: Leg armor (material: PVC) with leather strap over Fabric cushion (battle worn) gaiter. "Flamma" also comes with three pairs of extra hands, including trigger hands (interesting since when were there pistols or rifles during the time of the gladiators).

Scroll down for turnaround views of the ACI 1/6 "Flamma" Gladiator of Rome 12-inch Figure which is overally quite well produced.

Here are close-ups of the 1/6 head sculpt that comes with the ACI 1/6 Warriors Series: Gladiator of Rome "Flamma" 12-inch figure. The head sculpt does remind me of Ron Perlman (he of Hellboy fame) except I don't think Ron Perlman was cross-eyed :(

The ACI 1/6 "Flamma" head sculpt comes with quite a few battle scars and some veins popping out on his head which I think is pretty cool

The overlapping "foldable" armor for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm (material: ABS) strapped over the shoulder armor pad is well produced and most interesting, as are the leather-like chest harness and torso brace.

The murmillo (also sometimes spelled mirmillo or myrmillo, pl. murmillones) was a type of gladiator during the Roman Imperial age. He was armed like a Roman soldier, perhaps as a re-enactment of Rome's wars in Greece and the Hellenistic East.

The murmillo or myrmillo wore a loincloth (subligaculum), belt (cintus), very thick wrappings on the lower part of his left leg (designed to protect the top of his feet from attack and from his own shield), a gaiter on his right leg, a linen arm guard (manica) to protect his right arm, and the curved rectangular shield (scutum) of the Roman legionary.

ACI 1/6 scale Authentic Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet (material PVC) with removable face guard and feather-like decoration. The distinguishing feature of the murmillo was the high crest of his helmet which, together with its broad rim, was shaped somewhat like a fish. The murmillo took his name from this fish-shaped helmet; the word comes from the Greek word for a type of saltwater fish.

ACI 1/6 scale curved rectangular shield (scutum) of the Roman legionary made from ABS material

The ACI 1/6 "Flamma" Gladiator of Rome 12-inch Figure also comes with a Black fabric cloak and a straight-blade sword, or gladius, from which gladiators derived their name.

More of the ACI 1/6 scale Warriors Series: Gladiator of Rome "Flamma" 12-inch figure in the NEXT post, all outfitted and ready to take on his opponents in the arena :) He looks so much better with his Myrmillo Gladiator helmet on!


Kal said...

This is a gorgeous figure. Also once again you are the gold standard when it comes to action figure photography. Beautiful work my brother.

alex teo said...

thanks Kal :) wait till you see the full figure with all his gear and accessories. tis a sight to behold

Doon said...

Hmm its a very nice figure, the body is very similar to more recent muscle bodies from Hot Toys. I need more figures like this (figures that don't come with guns ha)

alex teo said...

yup nice body :) head is a miss but thank God there's a helmet >_<