Thursday, December 24, 2009

Star Wars SandTrooper Comparisons

Having seen the pictures taken of Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale 12-inch Imperial SandTrooper (see previous post), how does it compare with their 1/6 Imperial Stormtrooper? Let's see.

For one, the armor colors are different - the Sideshow Imperial Stormtrooper's armor is white whilst the Sandtrooper's armor is not white anymore but an off-white color with dirt and scratch marks.

The helmet is similar in design, as is the chest armor. Whilst the Stormtroopers have no rank markings, the Sandtroopers wear colored Shoulder Pauldrons on their right shoulders and these represent their rank in the Squad. The abdominal armor is clearly different between the two troopers. The Sandtroopers also carry the additional SD-48 backpack and do not have the usual thermal detonator worn by Stormtroopers.

The distinctive 'diamond' shaped left knee plate of the Imperial Sandtrooper is another one of the visual differences in armor between the Imperial Sandtrooper and Stormtrooper

And here's a look at all the Star Wars 1/6 Sandtroopers released thus far. From left to right: Medicom Sandtrooper Squad Leader, Marmit Sandtrooper Sergeant, Sideshow Imperial Sandtrooper and Marmit Star Wars Sandtrooper

Medicom Star Wars Sandtrooper Squad Leader (more pictures HERE)

Very nice backpack details

Marmit Star Wars Sandtrooper (Full review HERE)

Marmit 1/6 Sandtrooper backpack

Marmit Star Wars Sandtrooper Sergeant (much assembly required - check out the link HERE)

The Marmit Sandtrooper Sergeant backpack was slightly different from that of the Marmit Sandtrooper and I liked that as it showed some individuality between the troopers. It also showed that Marmit did not just dish out the same thing twice but bothered to tweak things a little and made it interesting. Let's hope Sidehsow Collectibles can do the same with their next two releases of the Imperial Sandtroopers (i.e. the Orange Pauldron Squad Leader and Black Pauldron Corporal)

Last but not least, the latest released 1/6 scale 12-inch Imperial Sandtrooper by Sideshow as reviewed in the two previous posts.

There is a lack of weathering on Sideshow's Sandtrooper backpack. A bit odd that the entire sandtrooper armor is so heavily weathered (some have commented that it doesn't look like dirt but more like rust on the armor) and yet the backpack is so clean.

The Marmit Star Wars Sandtroopers (released in the year 2000) were nice and definitely much better than the obese 1/6 Hasbro (HasBeen) sandtroopers that were released. The Marmit sandtroopers were at least of the right scale (in size and height) with all the other 1/6 Star Wars figures being put out, as compared with the Medicom version that was released in 2008 which was too skinny and anorexic for my liking (and way pricier too!)

IMHO the best 1/6 scale Star Wars armored troopers released thus far have to be those produced and released by Sideshow Collectibles. Their prices are so much better too, as compared to their overpriced 12-inch G.I. Joe figures (including the Cobra troopers) and Medicom's ridiculously higher priced but smaller figures. Let's hope Sideshow continues dishing them out.

To get a full review of the Sideshow 1/6 scale 12-inch Imperial Stormtrooper, check out this link.

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Yee said...

Thanks for the review :) With so many Sandtrooper versions of various manufacturers out there, I still think Marmit does the best job followed closely by Medicom. Medicom will be best if they can get the "scale" right if you know what I mean LOL!

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Hi Yee, great site you have :) I've added you to my blog list and hope to follow your kitbashes and modifications closely. CHEERS!!

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Great Review!!

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