Monday, September 15, 2014

Review 1: DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure

Before we get to the Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom STGCC Exclusive Spade J figure (see previous post), let's look at someone else from the same line by Dam Toys. This is the first Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom figure that is not from the Spade family. Actually, he was but he became a turncoat and joined Diamond and became Diamond 2 (you always start from the bottom and make your way up the chain)

Alger, the 2 of diamonds, is the key that changes the power pattern of the four families. He used to be the sidekick of the J of Spades. Alger would betray the Spade family and join the Diamonds instead. And so the story goes...

I got this figure sometime back in August 2014 (see my haul HERE) but between taking pictures and blogging about all the exciting toy and figure news about upcoming products, I couldn't find the opportunity to post my reviews until now.

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Because Alger betrayed the Spade family to join Diamonds, the box art has a picture of a snake in the background. How appropriate. I like the renderings of the characters on the boxes as they capture the essence of the figures very well.

As with all the boxes, the inside flap lays out the background story and history of each character and every figure also comes with his own 1:1 scale playing card

Close-up shot of the Diamond 2 "Alger" 1:1 scale playing card

DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure is in the top tray. The tray below this contains all the 1/6 scale accessories (see next picture)

DAM TOYS (GK005) Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure comes with 1/6 scale stylized Head sculpt, DAM 12-inch Action figure body (with tattoos), Black coat with fur collar, Long sleeve black T-shirt, Black trousers, Black waist chain wallet, Knuckle Duster, High barrel boots (one pair), shotgun, Fly knife x 4, Brown leather bag, belt, Silver necklace, left hand wristbands + Palm / hand, right hand wrist support + Palm / hand, extra Palms / hands x 3, sunglasses

Check out the Knuckle Duster in the shape of a skull. Very cool!

Here are all the 1/6 scale accessories laid out

2 of diamonds (Alger) is almost flaunting his betrayal after he changed his “loyalty” tattoo. He no longer has any loyalty in his heart. Alger is deeply influenced by Chinese culture, this is his motto, and his attitude towards life. Alger also tattooed the Tai Ji pattern on his right hand, hoping he could manage the power of balancing Yin and Yang. On his left hand is a tattoo of a compass, wishing himself never get lost.

The 1/6 scale head sculpt bears a certain resemblance of Scott Edward Adkins, an English actor and martial artist who is best known for playing Yuri Boyka in "Undisputed II: Last Man Standing" and "Undisputed III: Redemption", Bradley Hume in "Holby City", Ed Russell in "Mile High" and as Hector in "The Expendables 2". 

The long sleeve black T-shirt has a dragon motif in front.

Here's DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure wearing just his long sleeve black T-shirt with dragon motif, Silver necklace and brandishing his shotgun which comes with a fore grip.

Check out those high barrel boots. They are similar to Spade J's but NOT the same. It's nice that Dam Toys made everything unique with each figure and didn't choose to have the same style boots for all of them.

I liked these stylized head sculpts the first time I saw them. These are not movie-related figures and not meant to be screen-accurate so the deliberate sculpting of the heads in a stylized manner is a great move. It makes them different and makes me wanting to know who else they have that haven't been released yet.

Here's Diamond 2 with his knuckle duster and Fly knife x 3 (four is given but you can only get three to fit in one hand). These are similar to the throwing knives favored by Jason Statham as Lee Christmas in the Expendables movies. Check out the 1:6 scale version of Soldiers of Fortune "Lee Christmas" 12-inch figure HERE

DAM TOYS (GK005#) Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure has “Flame of revenge” tattooed on both sides of his head

Diamond 2 Alger's 1/6 scale Black coat with fur collar

NEXT: MOre pictures of DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure, wearing his jacket (full outfit)

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Kaido said...

Bravo, Alex!

Mine is waiting to pick up as well, I just have to drive over to the mall on the other side of town one of these days, so currently I'm enjoying your pics and review.


alex teo said...

Thanks Kaido. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours. Cheers!

Kaido said...

I had trouble with the knives staying in the hand so left them in the box. Also, I messed around a bit with his arm protectors then left those in the box as well.

Gangsters Kingdom is one of my favorite toy lines right now.