Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review 1: DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive 1/6 Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 12-inch figure

This is the Dam Toys Exhibition Exclusive Spades J (GK001EX) special color edition figure that was released at the recent Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention or STGCC 2014. This edition was limited to just 300 pieces and was only available at The Falcon’s Hangar, as the distributor of DamToys in Singapore. For my coverage of STGCC 2014 over four parts, you can check out my posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

This was actually the third Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade J figure to be featured by the company. The first Spade J caught many people by surprise because they didn't know about it or pre-ordered it so the released numbers were pretty small and limited, making it a rare and hard-to-find figure. You can check out my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE. Spade J "Ogier" Memories Version (version 2) was recently announced HERE and now this makes three, although this figure has arrived even before version 2 which has yet to be released.

What makes this figure different? Dam Toys actually bothered to put together a whole different outfit for this exclusive Spade J that is different from the other two. The only thing that is the same is probably the head sculpt and body. The fact that there were only 300 pieces released makes it even more special. Hot Toys release their Toy Fair exclusives all over the world at each different toy fair / convention / exhibition and you can even order them at Sideshow Collectibles so that makes it not so hard to get but this figure was only exclusive to The Falcon's Hangar in Singapore. I am just glad that I was able to get hold of this figure and am able to share the pictures with you guys.

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All the Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom boxes are pretty much made the same way but with different graphic / backgrounds to distinguish each box from the other. I have just reviewed the recently released DAM TOYS Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Diamond 2 "Alger" 12-inch action figure and the box is also very similar. You can check out the reviews HERE and HERE.

A 1:1 scale playing card is included as is the norm by now - Spade J is the Jack of Spades in the Gangsters Kingdom. The background image which is also seen on the back of the box seems to be a homage to Luc Besson's 1994 film "Léon: The Professional" where hitman Léon (Jean Reno) manages to get up close to Frank Senger as Fatman after kiling off all his bodyguards.

DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 12-inch figure, wearing almost everything different from the first released figure (pictures HERE)

The bottom tray contains all of Spade J's 1/6 scale accessories

Here are the parts laid out. DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 1/6 scale accessories include: Large black sling bag, shoulder holster, flat cap, sunglasses, P226 pistol with two extra magazines (total: 1+2), Spring knife (switchblade), wallet with chain and additional "bird" hand.

Close-up of the large black sling bag

DAM Toys Spade J 1/6 scale P226 pistol is different from the one he had in the beginning. You can compare it with the pictures HERE

This time Spade J has a shoulder holster

Here's DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 12-inch figure stripped off his clothes so that he can show off his tattoos. The 12-inch body with tattoo is the same as the original version.

Another look at the nicely crafted 1/6 scale P226 pistol and chain with cross that is attached to his wallet.

Spade J has the same pair of 1/6 scale black "leather" boots as before. They are actually boot-feet or "beet" i.e. no feet inside them, just pegs that go straight into the legs.

Here's the rest of DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 1/6 scale wardrobe. Besides the black jeans with belt he's wearing, he also has a short sleeve T-shirt, Black pullover with hood, Black locomotive leather jacket, scarf and silver necklace.

Here's Exclusive Spade J wearing just his black T-shirt and silver chain necklace with his black jeans with belt and boots, and brandishing the 1/6 scale P226 pistol

Close-up pictures of the 1/6 scale Spade J head sculpt. From day one, we have established that the head sculpt looks a lot like Jason Statham, albeit a stylized / animated version

NEXT: Fully suited DAM TOYS STGCC2014 Exclusive 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 12-inch figure

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Kaido said...

I'm lucky to own the original, but this is the definitive one, imho.

I may pull the trigger on one on eBay.

Nice accessories, DAM Toys is at the top of their game.

Kaido said...

Finally got tired of waiting, I bit and bought this version of Spade J off eBay. Didn't get the best price ever, but under $250 USD shipped. Can't wait to check out this bad boy in person, it looks amazing!

alex teo said...

Hope you are satisfied with your haul :) DAM Toys has been consistent, I give you that.

Kaido said...

Yes they have been, and I probably would never have heard of these if not for your blog. :-)

alex teo said...

Oops... haha I hope that was said in a good way LOL wouldn't want to be the one who made you spend all that money on figures \m/(^o ^)\m/