Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fashion Heroes - The Costume is a Superhero's Most Defining Characteristic and Stuck for Life

This was an article in the newspapers yesterday (The Straits Times life! section). It was a full page dedicated to the current superheroes and their evolved costumes. The article starts by saying "Next to their abilities, the costume is a superhero's most defining characteristic. And with the release of The Avengers last week and the upcoming comic-book blockbusters - The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises - Matthew Wee dives into the world of crime-fighting fashion to explore the evolution of superhero costumes through the ages." [source: The Straits Times]

I thought this was rather timely since I just did a review of the Captain Action Spider-Man costume set as well (see my previous post) Click on the pictures to read the articles in full about the various Superhero costumes evolution and how it has changed ever so slightly over the years while still maintaining the basic designs that have been established.

Clothes maketh the man but costumes maketh the superhero ;p

Before the latest Spider-Man reboot, there was "The Amazing Spider-Man", the first live-action TV series based on the popular comic book The Amazing Spider-Man, shown in the USA between 1977-1979.

In 1978, a Spider-Man live-action tokusatsu series was produced for Japanese television by Toei Company. Due to a request by Bandai that the show include giant robots and vehicles, it was not a faithful adaptation.

The there was the Tobey Maquire Spider-Man

Next up: Captain America!

Even before the latest movie version of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America, there was the 1990 Captain America film with Matt Salinger as Cap.

And of course, we cannot leave out Iron Man right? So much merchandising opportunities for Marvel ;p Three suits of armor in the first Iron Man film followed by three more in the second with an additional one in The Avengers. That makes seven armor suits with Iron Man 3 in the works.

Where there's Marvel Comics Superheroes on the big screen, there's also DC and the DC Superhero character that has appeared most on film appears to be Batman!

There was the campy Adam West Batman

Followed by Tim Burton's Michael Keaton 1989 Batman

Michael Keaton and Batman creator Bob Kane

and Batman Returns

Then there was the Val Kilmer Batman

and not forgetting George Clooney Batman (with the nipples)

DC's other major star that has appeared in as many films as Batman would have to be Superman

There was the Christopher Reeve Superman (1978, 1980, 1983 and 1987)

Brandon Routh Superman (2006)

and Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel (2013)

Now where would we be without these superheroes to entertain us :)

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