Friday, July 2, 2010

Going All Batty

No, I'm not going crazy ;) just a post to show pictures of the two Brother Production "Blade Runner" 1:6 movie figures that have been released (Rick Deckard and Roy Batty - Batty was reviewed in the previous post while Deckard was covered much earlier) as well as some comparison shots with Toy Syndicate's "Blade Runner" figure.

IMHO Brother Production did quite a good job with the headsculpt for both figures as well as the movie accurate costumes (outfits) and accessories BUT their Deckard which was released much earlier is much taller than their recently released Batty and throws the whole scale off. Deckard shouldn't be taller than Batty. Because of the height difference, Deckard looks bigger in size too, not helped by the multi-layers of clothing as compared to the minimal attire Batty is wearing

And here's Brother Production 1:6 Renegade Replicant side by side with Rick Deckard, android hunter by Toys Syndicate (more pictures HERE). The scale comparisons look good here but the Deckard headsculpt is in dire need of a repaint which I'm not good at, at all :(

Last but not least, a kitbash Roy Batty figure (pictures HERE) vs Brother Production Revenge of the Replicant figure.

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LEon said...

He look like bill Clinton from far...

alex teo said...

then i need to find me a 1:6 Monica Lewinsky Ha! Ha! ;p

Fat Gecko said...

...and I thought I was going batty myself when I compared my sets together and noticed the height difference. Great review Alex!

alex teo said...

thanks fat gecko :)

Doon said...

Sigh if only there was an official Blade Runner release. Not that any company out there could do a Ford sculpt that I'd be happy with ha. Cool picture review though of the Brother Productions piece btw.

alex teo said...

thanks for the compliments Doon :) I think if we wait for Hot Toys to release all the 1/6 figures we ever wanted, we would have to wait really long and even then, won't be sure if they'll get the license since they've gone all legit. these other smaller companies dare to take a chance and give collectors what they want and although the sculpts are not all there, the standards have improved and the price is much more agreeable with my wallet :> thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing more reviews from you CHEERS