Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1:6 Bruce Willis as Tom Greer in Surrogates

Having reviewed the Virtual Toys VTS VM002 1/6 scale City Detective boxed set in my earlier post with 1:6 Bruce Willis look-alike head sculpt (some say it's Steve Austin - NOT Steve Austin The Six Million Dollar Man but "Stone Cold" Steve Austin the wrestler), it's time to see how the figure looks with all his clothes on.

In the 2009 science fiction film "Surrogates", Bruce Willis is FBI special agent Tom Greer, sent to investigate how two people are killed when their surrogates were destroyed.

When Tom Greer's surrogate is also destroyed, he is forced to come out into the real world and confront the killer, only everyone else he sees on the streets are also surrogates as humans have chosen to live their lives through their surrogates while they stay hooked to their machines.

The unkempt rough and tumble look of the real Tom Greer is in contrast with the slickly dressed suit-and-tie surrogate of himself which was destroyed.

This is pretty much the attire Tom Greer wore for the rest of the film, with his navy blue long sleeve sweater, plaid shirt, brown leather jacket, well-worn jeans with leather belt and buckle, and shoes

Greer is armed with the SIG Sauer P228 9mm semi-automatic pistol. His FBI Badge and ID has been covered in the earlier post.

Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) keeps a spare pistol magazine in a holder on his belt

FBI Special Agent Greer's holster for his pistol is also attached to his belt just above his right back pocket for easy reach

Close-up pictures of Virtual Toys VTS VM002 1/6 scale City Detective collectible figure. NOTE: The set does not come with a 1:6 body. The body used here is the TTL 1:6 body (much cheaper and a good alternative to Hot Toys)

The 1:6 scale brown leather jacket is made to look worn and used.

The spare pistol magazine fits snugly in its holder on his brown leather belt

Unfortunately the 1:6 holster for his pistol seems to be a little small and I didn't want to force his weapon in as it is very tight for fear of breaking the trigger guard. Anyway Bruce Willis always look good with a weapon in his hand (Bruce Willis is actually left-handed but fires his weapons right-handed in most of his movie roles)

A frowning no-nonsense Bruce Willis as Tom Greer, bona fide action hero since his debut as John McClane in "Die Hard (1988)" which was basically Homer Simpson fighting off German terrorists in a large skyscraper. But what a HUGE HIT it was and it made Bruce Willis an ACTION star and remains one of the best action movies ever made.

This is a very decent figure at a good price and I enjoyed posing him and taking pictures.


ethan said...

Wow..the HS is amazing.

Digital Desperado said...

Hi,Alex. I´m new to kit bashing, and I´m interested in this VTS kit. I´ve searched EBay for the type of body you indicate, but I´ve found several different ones.Could you tell me what is the appropriate body for this VTS HS? Thanks.

desmond said...

Bro, everything looks nice except the jeans..Too much weathering there!!

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Hi DD, the 1:6 body i got was the TTL T2.0A body as the neck connector is the correct one.just have to replace the head with neck as the body including hands are ideal :) TTL T1.0 should work as well BUT not T3.0 as the neck connects only to the head and looks like it is designed to fit Hot Toys Movie masterpiece heads.

Hope this info helps. All the BEST