Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mattel Samurai Slash Batman

From the ShadowTek line comes Samurai Slash Batman! He comes with royal blue gear, attaches saw-shaped blades to his back that shoot like projectiles, and carries a translucent blue sword that’s bigger than his entire upper torso. What attracted me to this figure was the combination of Batman with Samurai and how the Samurai's armor is adapted to his costume.

I usually only collect the basic Batman and not the variations of his costume but I couldn't resist Samurai Slash Batman because of the combi ;p

The Bat-cowl is unique in that it protrudes to the front and looks more like a helmet.

There is the molded chest and neck armor, removable upper arm armor consisting of overlapping plates as well as molded forearm armor and climbing claws extending over the back of his hands. There's also his armor skirt and his feet / boots are designed to look like the traditional Japanese sandals.

On his back there is a device that allows you to place two saw-like discs which could be launched when a lever is activated.

Every Samurai needs his katana (long sword) and Mattel Samurai Slash Batman is no exception. For a look at a really nicely detailed historically accurate 1:6 scale Samurai, check out DiD's Samurai Date Masamune HERE

Another look at the unique Batman cowl fashioned like a Samurai's

And here's Mattel Samurai Slash Batman standing next to The Batman. The ShadowTek Samurai Slash Batman is shorter and smaller than the original. Perhaps because Samurai Slash Batman is meant to be Asian?

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